Monday, May 10

Monday, May 10, 2010... J.P.'s North is Such A Rip Off Joint Full of Retards....

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Aw gee... I apologize to anyone who is mentally challenged and take offence to that statement. I simply mean they are challenged also, when it comes to running their business properly. We took sixty-one dozen good, clean, refrigerated and boxed eggs there to be sold. There were 42 regular chicken eggs three dozen duck and nine dozen guinea fowl eggs....some fertile, along with fertile duck and Bantam eggs too. It was way over $156.00 worth of farm fresh, free range eggs... and we got $22.92 total. (We should have donated them to the food pantry) the entire 61 dozen were less than 2 week's old....... Now we will never enter their establishment again and we will tell everyone we know that they are crooks or just too stupid to sell correctly at auction. They should have started selling them as farm fresh, free range chicken eggs, sold by the dozen and the buyer takes one or all at the high bid for each dozen. Instead, they sold four boxes...three with sixteen dozen each for $8.00 and the last one with thirteen for $6.50....
What assholes! They don't even know how to increase their commission by increasing our income.... instead they give stuff away.

I got the tree in the front yard cut up completely....but then my back gave out from all the bending over and wielding the chain saw. That tree was about 20" across the bottom and the billets are heavy, so we left em lay for the day and I'll use the tractor bucket to gather up the billets for firewood in the gift shop chunk stove this winter.
Well, I'm gonna list a few game programming books on eBay and hit the hay. I'm beat!
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