Thursday, May 13

Thursday, May 13, 2010...Wow, Time flies when you're under the weather.......

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I just realized this morning that I hadn't done a post in the last three days!
Yesterday was a killer for Vick, who had chills and a stuffy head. I lay on the couch all afternoon under the blanket too. My back is in a tiff, from something I can't remember doing or I had some kind of a cold settle in the muscles of my back. At any rate, I'm stiff and sore.

Oh News break of the day..... We got our check from J.P's North, as previously stated and after further thinking about that...we figure we finally got exactly a whopping 37¢ per dozen eggs, overall. I almost took the check back down to them and told them they might as well keep that too and maybe with that and a few other farmer's money, they could buy a real auctioneer. Imagine, selling 16 dozen eggs in one box all at once for only $8.00.....and then doing it three more times!
I myself, wouldn't even bid on 16 dozen eggs. What the hell would a farmer or any one else do with 16 dozen eggs?

We now have four ducklings and several candled showing ready to hatch. We two Bantam's hatch out and the first one is doing great. The second one just hatched last evening late, so I'll see him this morning and move it to the heat box. The four regular chickens now have their feathers and are close to release into the "Big World."

We'll take a little trip to Lynda Witt's today and drop my books and a bit more of Vick's artwork. She wants to place a few pot holders in there too. I enjoy talking to Lynda. She is such a perky person, always looking up and enjoying her life.

I suppose I will positively have to get on with the mowing or I'll have to buy a sickle bar mower and hire someone to cut the dog walk with a scythe. It's really getting high and is gonna be a real bugger to mow with the push mower. In fact, I better get at it now and then vacuum the pool...........

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