Friday, May 14

Friday, May 14, 2010... Jeeze Um...At Least We Could Have Had Nice Weather.....

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We're off to Massachusetts to pick up Ashley, daughter of Bill and Maria, our close family friends. Little Maria and Bill should be going with us in the club cab pickup we have, and Ashley will fit in for the trip home, which should be no problem. Any more than this could present a package problem, because our Ford F250 has what I call a ½ club cab. It's comfortable, but doesn't have the leg room and full seats of the real, full sized club cab pickup. Vick and I on the other hand,, will be riding in complete comfort, comparable to that of a Mercedes Benz.....only it has more comfortable seats.... like leather recliners! Anyway, we will be motoring toward Pittsfield sometime after 1:30 or 2:00 this afternoon. Hopefully the skies will clear and we will have a nice, scenic trip.....or it could simply start to rain and we would have to endure that all the way.
We had another loss in the brooding house. Yesterday was warm and clear...and when I entered the brooding house, the chicks were panting! I immediately turned off the heat lamps, which caused the 110° temperatures in there and opened the windows. They instantly settled down and started feeding and drinking.
Later in the day, after going for lunch, we removed the wood from the fallen tree in the front yard, then dug the stump out and filled in the hole. It was getting dark and cooler...and Vick decided to feed and water early. When she came to the brooding house, she was horrified, finding the two Bantams laying on their side, almost dead. We immediately turned the heat lamps back on and held the chicks under them to warm their bodies. After a good hour, they recovered and we left two Bantams in their completely recovered and the other standing under the heat lamp. We checked an hour later and they were both feeding and acting normal. We were relieved at recovering from such a close call.
This morning, I went out to check the two Pekin duck eggs which are hatching and found the second Bantam dead...laying in the water dish. The other Bantam was fine and acting normal. Bantams are such a pain to hatch and brood...they are so delicate to temperature and they are really tiny....Just a pain in the butt to raise.
The ducks are still hatching... we have four and will have six later today, if all goes well. The four chicks are doing well and will soon enter the adult world of the chickens!
Kay Lee's kittens are ready to go and we have a taker for the two boys. The little calico girl is still up in the air. I think Vick will allow her to go to the right home, but does not want her alone, as a barn cat and I agree. She is so beautiful and loving, that she needs to be a house cat with an owner who will love her and spend time with her. Callie had her kittens and they are very cute also, but there weren't any calicos in the litter of four. There is a black one, two gray tabbies and a yellow tiger. They will be with us for awhile, because they were born last Sunday (on Mothers Day)

Well, I suppose I should "make ready the truck" the old Dutchman once said. It won't be long before we'll have to leave. Hope the sun shines!
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