Sunday, May 16

Sunday, May 16, 2010... The Pond is Done and The Turkey House Started...

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We made some headway over the weekend here on the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm!
We got the turkey house floor substructure in place, leveled and ready for the plywood floor. We can then frame it up installing a window in the side, a window in the rear and a door in the front. The fan from the bunny brothel will feed through the turkey house to ventilate it when hot also, thus keeping it well ventilated during the blistering hot days of summer. I also got another 10' by 12' stall area added to the alpacas existing stall, so we're ready to pick up the three sheep that we'll have here after the 27th of the month.
Also, today a man and his son stopped and gave us two sheep! He said they were his sheep and he showed them in Rhinebeck at the fairgrounds and took some top awards for show. This fiber is 5" to 6" long and has superior crimp. I was very appreciative for his giving them to us, but will take Vick to their place and she can also thank him.
The young guy we have coming as a helper work his first eight hours today. He did a beautiful job of landscaping the garden pond over, adding a patio and plants among the heavy rocks he placed around the perimeter of the pond. It really looks great and was well worth the amount we paid him for performing the work. He is coming back to line the flower beds along the house with the flat stone and plants we have purchased for that.
Vick was working on preparing fiber for the spinning wheel today outside. She was running the fiber they dyed last week, through the picker and found it wasn't working very well. Upon closer investigation we found that the fiber they had dyed appeared felted and ruined for spinning. It would be ok for felting, but not for spinning into yarn. That's how it goes......lose the one you did and someone shows up to give you a far superior fiber than you lost. Simply AMAZING!!!!!!!
Below are pictures of the progress we have made this weekend. More to come later.......

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