Monday, May 17

Monday...May 17, 2010... Nothing...We did About Nothing...And We Did Er' Well...

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We ran all day long and when we did come home, we only replaced one panel of screen on the front porch...leaving one more...and the biggest one too.
We'll pull the entire framework out like we did this one and replace the screen on it tomorrow. I hope. It might be raining too hard to work out there, but we'll "git er' done." The cats will then have to wait to be let into the house at either door. They were able to come through the holes in the screen s on the front porch, but with the completion of this last screen, that will effectively stop their free passage. They will still be able to come and go by the window in the computer room..... Until we replace that screen too, then it will be all over for them... No instant entry...... unless we are there to open the door for them.
We went to Dawna's house today for her to show Vick how to felt fiber in the dryer. It was a great day for visiting and learning, and Vick found a new talent for making her pocket books out of the fiber we have, which she cannot spin into yarn.
I think I'm going to get into making fiber combs and selling them on-line. It seems like a nitch I can fill in this area and something people will soon be looking for, as everyone seems to be reverting back to the old ways of being more self sufficient. We've noticed that a lot of folks are starting to spin wool and make their own yarns to knit their own clothing, planting their own gardens and raising their own chickens for meat and eggs. Some even go as far as to have a cow to milk.
One day, when society is tired of footing the bill for everything, there will be a revolution and people will be glad most folks went back to farming and tilling the land. The world of city folk will surely need us farmers one day...soon!
Possibly, tomorrow we can go for plywood and 2x4's to frame out the turkey house, so we can order the boards and battens after that. We have two windows and I will make a door from 1x6 boards for on it. It needn't be fancy...just functional, because it is only a bedroom for the turkeys. They will be out, free ranging the rest of the time. We will raise them from poults to young birds in the brooding house and then transfer them to their new pen with a fence around the front for an outside run. They will be in that run daily... pecking and feeding, until they are old enough to start free ranging the property and we know they will return to their bedroom at night so we can close them in for safety. The meat birds, which are in the brooding house right now, will live in the small chicken house when they are ready and we will install roosts in the corner of the spacious duck dormer...The ducks sit on the floor at night and the chickens can roost. Simple facts of life down here on the farm.

The combs I might start making and selling......

Pretty greens and purples.....

Oh wow, Look at the Fuschia, yellow and actual maroons and purples.....

A bunch of raw fibers, hand felted into one piece, suitable to cut into a pattern and be sewn together as a pocket book or clothing.......

The Colors Are Breath Taking......
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