Thursday, May 20

Thursday, May 20, 2010... Cheese Whiz...I'm Fallin' Apart At the Seams....

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We are running like a bug in a birdhouse.... trying to get things done and stay ahead of the game, but we might just as well give it up and do what we can and forget the rest.....We thought we were getting caught up, but you know... you can continue to add to the list and make more and more things to do so easily, yet getting them taken care of is real task. We have plywood on the truck to unload. Two are for the turkey house and five are for the ceiling of the hospice gift shop porch. Tomorrow when Luis comes to help us, we can get the five sheets up overhead and nailed into position out there. We'll then start the wiring in there. At least it's cool there under the pines on that concrete pad.
For now, we'll just take care of the other things needing done. I mowed the grass around the pond so we could see the goslings with the parent Canadian wild geese. We have them every year.
BG, our one Giant Walsh rabbit should give birth any day now I think. She was making a nest yesterday and the day before, so I suppose it is time, I have to check the dates when we bred her with Jack-in-the box. I think it was April 27th when we bred them, so we'll look and count. We have more Pekin ducks due on the 24th. That will then empty the incubators both and we will load one up with Bantam eggs. We have twelve guinea fowl eggs in a clutch out there in the barn in a corner under the nesting boxes. I sure hope one of the birds sits on them and hatches them. Maybe we'll watch and use the incubator for them too. We'll see.
We received notification from the IRS today, that we are now section 501 (c) (3) certified and approved. We passed the application process on the first time. Vick's cousin is an accountant and said that it is amazing that we past it on the first try. He said he has known folks who tried for a year redid the application ten times to satisfy them and still never made the determination. How lucky we are! Well, it's for a good cause and I think might have just had a higher power on my side, as I was filling out paperwork, creating schedules, guidelines and policies....
One of the reasons we missed blogging a post last night was because we were at our niece's awards ceremony at Hunter Mountain's "Copper Tree Restaurant", where she was awarded at least three awards and we got a spectacular piece of chocolate cake and coffee. We picked Vick's family up and took them back home, where we then sat and chatted for awhile before coming home around 11:30. Tired!!!!!
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