Thursday, May 20

Thursday, May 20, 2010.... Apparently We Have a Truly Orphaned Kitten.........

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The neighbors came this afternoon late and picked up the two boy kittens...the Tabby and the Tiger, leaving us the little Calico girl. Now, for the sad news....Kay Lee, the mother of these kittens has disappeared! She went out this morning as usual with the dogs and Callie, when I opened the door, and she never came back home. This is really out of character for her, because she was the best mother cat you could find....even better than Callie is with her kittens. Obviously something got her while out this morning. How sad.....Vicki is heartbroken. It makes you wonder why things such as this, have to happen when you become close to an animal? You naturally think that having them is a mistake and you say you'll never have any cats again, but do you really mean that? All things die.....There is a time and a season for everything and if you don't partake of the season, you simply never experience... She was a happy cat and a good cat and I'm glad we had her as long as we did.....and now we are left with her little girl to love and care for.

Oh yeah.... who Believes? The strangest thing has happened to me this afternoon...
I went out to clean the filter on the pool and when the pump was off, I heard a beep...beep...beep... beep...
I could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from, so I started to walk around the pool, cocking my head from side to side, trying to hone in on the source of the beeping. It was coming from my camper! I got the key from the rack and went out to see what was beeping inside the camper which we weren't in since last week when Vick and I were cleaning it out and throwing old stuff away. I figured I or Vick had accidentally set an alarm or something when we were in there.
Anyway, I went out and when I entered the camper, I found the propane alarm sounding off loudly! There hasn't been any propane in that camper since I parked it in 2006. As I knelt down to move the garbage can to reset it, it stopped blinking red and beeping... and turned to green and silent. Magically!!! I was dumbfounded, but figured since I was there I would get my old antique picture that was on the bed, which I wanted to replace the cracked glass on and hang it in the living room. It is a very, very old print of a little girl on a path running with her doggy. I figured that since I was there, I would also take a few books in and put them up on eBay. As I was looking for the those books, I saw a brown paper bag I had never laid eyes on before and one I can guarantee you wasn't there, when we cleared stuff out a few days ago. Vick was all over that bed, looking at the four or five things there, as we discussed the books and eBay. Now an old crumpled bag was sitting there right out in the open. When I looked in the bag I almost flipped!
There before me... was my history! 8mm and super 8 movies of my childhood! There are reunions, proms, weddings, vacations when I was young and videos of my grandparents and parents. My first new car....and about a dozen or so which are unmarked!! Memories I would have never been able to regain as my Father is in an extended care facility and all his belongings were sold at auction by my brother or simply thrown out.... I haven't seen my brother since he had the auction either, so where did these come from? NOW... Who Believes????? It's not the first time my departed Mother has visited Vick and I....Nor will it be the last. She is welcome here anytime she sees fit to come... and if she wants to bring me my family's history she can do it! We'll find someone to convert the reels from 8mm and Super 8 to however many DVD's it takes to put the footage on.

WOW.....Miracle #2 for the day....Kay Lee mysteriously appeared after being gone since 6:30 this morning! Vick is jubilant to say the least (and so am I actually)
With that...I'm letting it all go for the night and call it a good day!!!!!!!
Goodnight Mom..... Love you as always!
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