Friday, May 21

Friday, May 21, 2010... The Day Is Booming In Quite Beautifully Right Now!!!!!

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Kay-Lee showed up late last evening... and the day ended on a positive note, with Vick smiling and ready to paint rather than mope! All was well that ended well, so to speak. I must admit, I was in a kind of mope mood also when I thought something had nabbed our little Calico mommy. She is such a joy to have around and I believe she was visiting Tommy again, because he was tailing her across the yard when she came home. Yi, Yi, Yi... looking for another litter of kittens before this one is even gone is not what we have in mind for our little girls, so today, somewhere along the line, Vick is calling to schedule a spay session somewhere...and soon, because we will not be able to allow the girls to be out until after their kitten making parts are gone, because Tommy is certainly functional in the kitten making department!
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We have to drive to Coxsackie this morning to pick up Luis and bring him back to finish the rock gardens in the flower beds and help me put the five full sized plywood panels up, overhead on the porch ceiling of the hospice gift shop. As soon as that is completed, Vick and I will start installing the wiring, boxes, receptacles, lighting and switches.......along with the breaker panel and grounding system. At least that part will be fun and in the shade on a cool concrete floor. Once we get moving in there, it will be wired and ready for the next inspection and then we will fly into the wall and ceiling covering.....some of which is already in there! I really want to get this project finished...and the turkey house which we are doing on the side as time permits too, but we will be glad when these final two projects are completed and then all we have to do is mow grass and take care of the animals.
Wow.....that's gonna be like being on vacation again every day!

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We received our 501(c) (3) certification from the IRS on May 13th, so we have the hard parts completed.... state and federally exempt! Soon, we will be open for business and making additional operating funds to help continue providing that special, loving, end of life care for dying individuals and support to their families. Remove Formatting from selection
Watch in the near future for an announcement of our Grand Opening.
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