Saturday, May 22

Saturday, May 22, 2010... Another Whack of Summer Hits Prematurely.....

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Wow, it got hot here and quick... Yesterday, it was almost unbearable to be out in the direct sun working. Luis was here for three hours and gave it up. I don't blame him, because it must have been 100 degrees in the shade. I'd hate to guess what it was in the direct sunlight! The barometer was dropping like a rock and my knees felt like someone was pounding on them with a rock too. I gave it up in the late afternoon and we went to a Chinese Buffet for dinner, then on to the Hannaford, to pick up groceries we needed.

Today, I want to empty the truck and go for corn in Coxsackie. We'll also have to grab a bag of chick starter soon, because those meat birds eat like gangbusters... Two more days and we should have another bunch of Pekin ducks hatching out again. We candled the eggs a bit the other day and there is a lot of movement in those eggs. We should have a bunch of white Aflac ducks swimming around by fall.

I want to begin putting the plywood up on the ceiling of the gift shop if my shoulder can take working overhead, and if not.....we'll poke holes and run wire inside. Either way, we're gonna attack the gift shop today. If we get to where we can't take the heat, maybe we'll go for the breaker panel or something else....
Anyway, for right now, I guess I'll just go out and unload the plywood and get ready to go for corn.......

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See ya all later with a few pictures for a farm update!
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