Sunday, May 23

Beckon To The Call...This Change...A Season In Our Lives...

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Twisting and shaking in the breeze...those little round leaves of the quaking aspen, seem to rattle like the wooden wind chimes we have on the back porch the soft wind sweeps across it's boughs from the rear field, carrying the smell of some sweet, spring flower... perhaps a honeysuckle or something akin to that aromatic bush. As I watch those trembling leaves on the tree at the edge of our yard, acting as though they are quivering with excitement, I hear the sounds of countless birds, calling each in their own another of their species. This time of spring is the greatest of all the seasons, for it is tepidly pleasant to either observe nature or perform needed tasks in relative comfort. It is now that one can enjoy a walk afield, for you could expect to observe a full array of woodlot animals engrossed in performing their natural, daily, activities. Now is the time to observe animals with their young as they feed and teach them the ways of the wild. The sun is warm, the breezes refreshing and the smells are outrageous, as they constantly change, with the winds favor of direction.
This is the time that Vick and I must conjure up the resolve to hold steadfast to our plan of living and enjoying...for we can all too easily, forget to live, as we strive to finish all our projects before the summer arrives. We did that last year and when we finally resolved to admit we would not achieve completion...the summer AND fall had concluded and we were facing winter......then knowing, we had missed a season of our lives, we will not allow that to happen again. We are in good shape this year and are rapidly approaching completion of the turkey soon as the lumber yard calls to inform that we can come for the lumber.
The gift shop is coming along again and we will concentrate on that project as time permits...if we have the lumber, supplies and LIVING doesn't get in the way. When it's time to go and do things....this project will wait this summer!
Vick and I have finally acknowledged that we both expect the world and people around us to respond as we do...and we have finally given in to the fact that it doesn't work that way and that things we deem important to us, usually don't mean a thing to others around us. We have now accepted this and don't EXPECT any longer.... It's much easier that way.

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