Saturday, May 1

Saturday, May 01, 2010... Into May We Rocket at the Speed of Light Again.....

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It seems only yesterday that we found the time and nice weather to start preparing for springs arrival. We had bare spots where the snow had melted enough to release the chickens without snowshoes, they finally had something to peck through that wasn't at the bottom of a shoveled pathway to the coops and the sun was the only means of keeping them from freezing fast to the ground.
ONLY YESTERDAY, I say... only yesterday. Now this morning I get up and it's May 1st already... Summer is rapidly approaching and we need to get busy doing what needs doing.

We got a call from Tru-Cut Lumber, and Dave said our first load of lumber is ready for pick-up. We can finally pick up this lumber and I can close off the porch ceiling, which will then close off all access to the inside of the building except for the door opening or window. Perfect. We're ready for that. Next will be the wiring and insulation, then wood and more wood for the walls and ceiling.

I am going to concentrate on the pool today while Vick and her friends are dying wool on the back porch. I'll install the hoses and filter, the eyeball assembly and take the skimmer cover off and get everything running and throw the first go of shock chlorine in.

Tomorrow we go to J.P.'s North, for the small animal auction, where we will market a lot of our eggs and a bunch of fertile dozens for incubating. That will be a pleasant day and hopefully we will make more per dozen there than selling them on the farm. Free range eggs at auction have been bringing $3.00 to $4.00 a dozen at times. We'll see......We're a hopin'......
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