Sunday, May 2

Sunday, May 02, 2010...Two Ol' Farmers on the Way To Market...Selling Eggs...

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We will soon be embarking on a trek to J.P.'s North auction complex here on route 32, just outside of Freehold, on the way to Greenville. They have several small animal auctions throughout the year where you can purchase auctioned chickens, ducks, exotic birds and animals up to the size of goats and sheep. Most sheep herds are included in their large arena sales area during another time when they schedule their large animal auctions for horses, cows and such. We're hoping to make a nice amount on our 55 dozen refrigerated fresh free range eggs today and especially good on the un-refrigerated, un-washed fertile eggs for incubating. We have about eight dozen or more Araucana, duck, guinea fowl and Bantam brooding eggs to sell today too.
Well, I have a lot to do between now and auction time, so I better get crackin....
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