Friday, July 16

Friday, July 16, 2010... I'd Hate to Think I Get Disturbed with an Innocent Person...

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Now Look What We Wished For!!!!
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Uhhhhh, once again I am appealing to the Chinese speaking comment leaver. If you want to comment on the blog, leave your comment in ENGLISH. Your comment arrives as a line of little square boxes that cannot be read by anyone and I will not translate your messages into English. You must do that for me to post your comment!
Now.....All Beware; I will not post anything from anyone with tags or threads to porn. It will not happen, so if that is your intent, do not try it.....It will not be posted!

Okay now....yesterday was the pits! We spent four hours at the Coeyman's Farmer's Market and didn't sell a single dozen of our eggs or anything else for that matter. (I did sell one of my books to our neighbor...another vendor, so I don't consider that a sale there) We are almost tied to going each week, because it is a free market, so all we lose is time, but I don't know how much more time I want to lose in this dreaded heat! Tomorrow is the home town market in Greenville and we will be there from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM and that costs us $15.00 for the spot. We will have to sell six dozen eggs before we even get our spot money back and then start making money, but we are supporting our town. Usually we do pretty well with eggs in Greenville. Folks came looking for us last year when the chickens quit laying and we didn't go, so I figure we will be ok.

It appears the sun is behind the clouds right now, so maybe we can do some work on the turkey house before it rains. It is pretty hot though, so maybe I should just work on the wiring for the hot tub instead. At least that is in the air conditioned house or cool basement. I also have to cut the doorway opening larger in the bathroom to allow the hot tub to pass. Maybe that is what we'll do today since the tub is coming Monday......Yeah, that's the plan...
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