Saturday, July 17

Saturday, July 17, 2010... Back From the Farmer's Market a Little Poorer.......

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Bought at the market
Site Rent.... $15.00
Two Cakes and coffee.... $ 6.50
Two egg sandwiches.... $ 7.00
Two cans of sodas.... $ 2.50
Donation for Lemonade.... $ 5.00
Bouquet of Straw Flowers...$ 2.00
Total expenditures = $38.00

Sold at the market
Eggs sold = 7 dozen.... $17.50
2 Beholder Bookmarks.... $10.00
Total Sales = $27.50
Profit made at market... $-10.50

Eggs sold at home 6 dozen... $15.00
Profit made at home.... $15.00

Telling folks what we make at the market when they ask... PRICELESS!!!!

Is there any further discussion needed as to where we should sell our eggs?
All joking aside, we enjoy sitting with the other vendors and chilling out. We chat and laugh as we discuss the various problems of the world. We have met a bunch of very nice folks at the market and have explained where we live and invited them to come purchase their eggs directly from the farm. It's fun to see the look on folk's faces when they ask how well we do at the market and we say, "Well...we lost $10.50 there, but when we got home, we found we had sold $15.00 worth there while gone, so our total profit for the day was $4.50." It's like you just hit them with a dumbfounded stick! They stand there staring at you with their mouth open and you have to tell them to shake their heads, because their eyes are stuck.
Soon we will send our Cornish Cross Broilers to the slaughter house for processing and we will freeze them and take several to the market and sell them as free range, all natural hens for $17.75 each. They should go quickly considering most places are getting $6.00 per pound. Ours will average five to six pounds each, so our price will be a bargain at a flat rate $15.00 + 2.75 Processing.
Our turkeys will be sold around Thanksgiving and will be around $35.00 + processing, which we don't know yet. (It should be under $40.00 total and they will be free ranging, all natural turkeys raised right here)
We're excited to say the least. Hopefully it will be a profitable venture and we can keep doing it every year.

We have a new kid coming to perform some of the chores for us. He will clean the barns and gather rocks for the rock gardens around the buildings. He should come within the hour and I will show him what we want cleaned and how to do it.

We're also going to graze the alpacas and sheep today, so gotta get moving. Hopefully pictures later tonight.....

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