Monday, July 26

Monday, July 26, 2010...Turkeys In Turkey House and Meat Birds Ready To Go...

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Lots and lots of stuff is happening right now...all over the farm! We have Jumbo Cornish Cross broilers, that we will schedule to have processed, so we can sell them at the farmer's Market this week. The turkeys are in their new house and we also have an incubator full of eggs, most of which are ready to hatch tomorrow. We have to remove the grown Bantams from the brooding house and place them into the mainstream, with other grown adults in the small chicken house. After their removal, we will clean the brooding house to be ready for any that might hatch tomorrow or thereafter.
We want to build a sheep stall on the left side of the outside overhang, which will have a hinged top for summer circulation, but winter time protection. The sheep are way too incorrigible to have mingling with the other animals during feeding time. Yesterday the turkey was in the screen area eating pellets before going out for the day, and Ed (the little white lamb) just started pushing with his head down, collapsing the screen, almost crushing the turkey, trying to get to the food. All the sheep are impossible hogs!!!!! We will therefore place the sheep in their own spot for feeding and at night so they don't kill something or someone over night!
Today we will install the run around the new turkey house so they can come out into the sunlight and peck around in the grass, yet still be protected while so young. Later we will be able to allow them to free range anywhere, with the rest of the animals daily or keep them in their run (hee, hee, hee...a turkey run)
Uhhh, don't mind me; I've been a bit giddy since the antibiotic has returned me to normal again. (well, as normal as I get)
I want to call the doctor today and tell her what I did and that I need another week's dosage which will follow present protocol for Lyme treatment.
I found a cash box to mount in the egg stand that locks and is quite attractive. I will mount it today also, if I can get the money slot opened up and find a catch pan for inside. Maybe I'll make a little square pan from scrap metal too.
Many pictures to follow today!!! Stay tuned often.........

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