Saturday, July 24

Saturday, July 24, 2010...Too Hot To Do Anything After The Farmer's Market....

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We went to one of the worst Greenville Farmer's Markets today than we have ever experienced in the past. We only sold about three or four dozen eggs, total!!
We did sell one of Vick's note card sets and I sold a book to a fellow vendor, (again, I don't count this as a market sale) We still believe we will sell more eggs in the roadside stand as soon as we get the money box and signs on it. We are also packing ice at each end in containers which will keep the mess at a minimum. We can't wait to get that done and operational. We just went to the Harbor Freight store in Albany and bought a stick welder for welding stuff around here. I know it's a piece of cheap junk from China, but I don't think it too prudent to buy a Miller or Lincoln welder for little repair jobs once every three months or so....It's different if you have a repair business or will weld regularly...but I only want it to repair a cracked weld on equipment or make a little something occasionally. Tomorrow we'll go to GNH Lumber and pick up some steel and I'll make up a cute little cash box to mount on the egg stand. Then, all we'll need is the signs and it can be put into operation!

I got to finish the little roof on the turkey house so we can get the little turds into it and out of the brooding house where they are causing havoc and a mess. We have to call the processing place this coming Monday and make an appointment to take the meat birds there for slaughter and processing. When we go to the Greenville Farmer's Market next Saturday, we'll be offering 3 – 5 pound Cornish Cross Broilers for $17.50...cleaned and frozen. What a all natural, free range chicken, all for under twenty bucks!

We are now talking about closing the rear section of the outside overhang and making it the sheep's stall. That will return the original stalls to the alpacas and give the three sheep an area large enough for when Ed and Norton grow to Herbie's size. All the animals will then have lots of room to bed and feed in. It will only take a few 2x4's and some board and batten. We'll install doors where we feel thy need to be.....and one will be a split (Dutch) door like we already have for the alpacas. We'll also make an indoor entry too. The space is already there and can be installed effortlessly.

We were in the hot tub last evening for the first time and Vick thought it was pretty neat. She said she could feel the blood pulsing to her feet and back. It's really relaxing and very convenient...being in the bathroom downstairs. We can simply go in, shower there and step across the room and be in the hot tub in an instant. The only inconvenience is the cover, which is large, bulky and the unusual triangular shape, which is hinged off center, so there is a large piece and a small piece hinging between. Oh well, if that's the biggest problem we ever have in there, I'll be happy! I think this is going to be a very therapeutically sound practice for both of us in the near future. Once it starts working, we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best.
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