Saturday, July 10

This Lyme's is Killin' Us....With Aches and Pains.....

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Jeeze um....11:13 and we just got back from dinner! We went to Coxsackie for pizza and a coke since we were working today...(as best we could) and we just quit at 9:30 and headed down there since they are the only restaurant open at this hour.
I woke up this morning to the rain, so we didn't go to the farmer's market. We did however sell $10.00 worth of eggs to our weekend neighbor from Queens. If we had gone to the farmer's market in Greenville, it would have cost us $15.00 for the spot, which means we have to sell at least six dozen eggs just to get our spot rent back. Maybe no one would have stopped at the wouldn't be the first time we paid for the spot and was rained out, selling no eggs at all. I worked on the roadside egg stand this afternoon, since I felt better. I think the Doxycycline might just be taking hold and that would mean I have had Lyme's for some time now and it never showed up on the tests. Vick suspects I have it because for over a year, I've been complaining about all the aches and pains she now has. Her Amoxicillin seems to be working too, thank God!
I finished the insulation in the box and made and installed the plywood inside box and placed the lid on with the hinges. Tomorrow, I will make the lid bracket to hold the ice packs and channel the condensation trap to the back, install the side and back boards and then make the roof....If I feel as good as I did this afternoon.
Vick was feeling better this afternoon too. She installed all the wall boards in the bathroom and is ready to do the staining. Tomorrow, I'll help her install the trim strips by cutting all the angles for her. We will then be ready for delivery of the hot tub. I'll do the wiring after the tub is in position, because I have to drill a hole in the floor for the wire to pass through and into the wiring compartment. If we feel shitty again...we'll just let everything ride until we feel better. We need to get the bathroom finished, because the delivery guy will call us when he is coming and we need to be ready for him to get the hot tub into the house. We need to remove the sliding glass door to the pool deck and I need to cut an additional four inches out of the wall in the door opening into the bathroom. Perhaps I will just put a 36" door in there instead of rebuilding the 32" door back in after we're done. That would be more expensive, but possibly quicker... Maybe not... We'll see.
We'll do pictures of the roadside egg stand and the bathroom in the daylight so keep watching.
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