Wednesday, July 7

Wednesday, July 07, 2010...Day Four in the Heat Advisory....Begins NOW!!!

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Well, it begins for me now anyway. It was a hot muggy night even though they say it dipped all the way to 66° last night. I don't think that that temperature with a very high humidity is cool at all......unless you are comparing it to the lousy 97° of yesterday around noon. I'll be glad when we get through today and tomorrow and get back into the 80's again on Friday. They are calling for thunderstorms on Saturday which we will take as needed misery, but we will hope for good egg sales at Coeyman's Landing Farmer's Market to make up for missing the Greenville Farmer's Market on Saturday if it does rain. We put a fan in the old chicken house, blowing outside air through the entire building...front to an attempt to cool the building a bit. Moving hot air is better than no air at all, so they were appreciative of that immediately. We also installed a piece of screen over the door of the brooding house which allows a better turnover of air in there too. Usually you will guard against breezes in the brooding house with new chicks, but in this type of weather conditions, you make exceptions for a little while anyway. We will be working on the roadside egg stand as soon as we can stand to be out there working on it, so right now we are finishing up the wall board in the bathroom. The floor is down and I picture calling Majestic Pools and Spas of Hudson and telling Mike we are ready for delivery of the hot tub ASAP.

I picked up the wiring, and will check the GFCI breaker downstairs to see if we can reuse it. It was on the other hot tub which was outside on the rear deck where our picnic table and chairs now occupy. I never understood why anyone would put a hot tub outside and expect to use it. It's not like a swimming pool. Usually you get the hot tub for medicinal purposes or to relieve stress and sore muscles, therefore you want to quietly sit and relax....usually as you do in a regular tub, except now you have jets and controlled water temperature. We want it in the bathroom so we can take a shower and immediately step into the hot tub to relax and soak away our aches and pains. If we want to swim, yak and have a party, we'll go out to the swimming pool.
I hope Vick is feeling better this morning. She had taken antibiotics for the Lyme's disease last week, but quit for the wedding trip so as to not be nauseous for the trip. She immediately started to get stomach pains and felt sick in the stomach with the first antibiotic, so she was changed to Amoxicillin, which she started last evening. She says she could feel the symptoms starting with aches and pains yesterday, so I'm glad she is on the new stuff now. Joan, our friend who had Lyme's, said that after a few days on the right antibiotic, she saw a difference and everything turned around, diminishing her sickness which she thought was going to kill her! I don't want Vick to get anywhere near that kind of sickness, so we will be watching closely today.

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I made a new sign stand for the farmer's market, so we can place the sign without trying to push little wires into the rocky ground. At Coeyman's Landing, there is no soft ground, because you're in a stone parking lot. At least now the sign will sit at our table with no problem.
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