Wednesday, July 21

Wednesday, July 21, 2010...When the Sun Shines...Make Hay! When It Rains...Well......

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Sorry I didn't get something posted to the blog last evening, but I was into the hot tub start-up, then we went for dinner at 10:37, which was a McDonald's 10 piece chicken Mcnugget meal, fries and a chocolate shake. When we got home, we then started to fill the hot tub and once full, added the chemicals, ran the pumps and checked it all out. Must have gotten to bed at 2:30 or so.........but hell yeah, still up at 6:00 AM and rearing to go. I think we've got the Lyme licked. I now feel great! I just hope my memory comes back and everything else reverses itself to where I was when I got it!!!!!
Oh, yeah....yesterday afternoon before we got started on the tub, we did half of the turkey house and I started marking the metal for the ice box in the egg stand. (Worked on all three projects at once yesterday. Hope to finish the turkey house today, because the little turd's keep getting out of the brooding box and then somehow manage to slip past the screen which I have across the door opening. In the new house, they won't have anywhere to go and the fan blows air through the entire building from the bunny brothel, so it will remain cool for them.
I'll also continue cutting the metal for the ice box and make a rack for the ice in the lid today. When the sun shines, I'll cut the metal and form it. When the sun is hidden by clouds, I'll work on the turkey house. I'll post pictures of the day's progress later today.

Well, here it is 2:09 and we have the metal box for the egg stand all but built. When we solder the bottom solid after lunch, it will be ready to drop in and screw fast!
While I was scribing metal, Vick was cutting wall boards for the turkey house. As soon as the sun goes behind clouds or trees, we will switch to finishing the turkey house. I need to install the purlings, the roofing and the last of the wall boards. It will go fast since Vick cut them to length and will be handing them to me. Pictures to follow.......

NEWSFLASH.....JUST IN.....Another family of Guinea Fowl Keats are joined by the first pair and their brood! Little did we know that the male and female both care for the Keats, and NOW....we are astounded that all four parents have grouped their two broods together and all share in the care and protection of their young! There is definitely safety and strength in numbers.......Pictures to follow.......

MORE NEWS......Just in...... Tonight the sore ol' couple from the Cluckin' "A" will be able to shower and slip into a brand new Sundance, Tacoma hot tub full of bubbling 100 degree nice caressing water to sooth our aching old bones and muscles...... NO pictures to follow!
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