Monday, August 16

Monday, August 16, 2010... Looking, Looking...Always Looking...Hope We Find It...

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Vick and I were pounding our heads against the wall today wondering what else we can add to the farmer's market, along with our already diverse line of maple syrup, honey, eggs, Broiler chickens, cheese curd bites and other fiber and book products. Vick came up with a new idea on an old item, which will take everyone back in years to their childhood. I will refrain in disclosing her plan at the present time, because she is checking on the wholesale pricing and packaging to be sure it is a feasible proposition to pursue. If all goes well, I should be able to break the news in tomorrow or the next day's blog. It will all depend on the information and pricing she is trying to acquire... if it is quickly transmitted to her, I will pass the information and plan on.
Today we made a bee line to the bank to deposit funds into the account so we could go to Coxsackie for a load of shelled corn and have an early dinner of pizza, so we could return and do the eggs and animals early. Vick would like to get back to painting, but the heat and late dusk ruins the time she used to paint, especially since being infected with Lyme disease, which zaps you strength and causes you to play out early. We wonder if the treatment we had was a little too short, because some of the symptoms still linger.....but then , they are noted for taking months to disappear. There are also many documented reports by prominent doctors about success and failure rated for the Doxycycline drug. Now they are saying better success rates are logged on Tetracycline. We'll have to make an appointment with a doctor to see what they think. Ahhh, it seems that it never ends.....

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