Tuesday, August 17

Tuesday, August 17, 2010... Trips Down Memory Lane...The Life of a Writer.....

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Sitting here this morning, sipping coffee...thinking about my changes last night to the web page, where I added an on-line farm stand, complete with shopping cart, http://www.cluckinacritterfarm.com/cluckin%20a%20critter%20farm_035.htm
I explored the finished site and marveled at how far I've come in my lifetime and began losing my self in deep thought and reflection back through the years to my childhood. My mind drifted off as it often does, to a time and place where I grew up in the early sixties, which brings me to today's thoughts contained in this blog.
Many times in my adult life I breeched the topic of life and why I live as I do.
I used to tell my Mom, "You live...then you die, but you have to do it in that order. You can't fail to live and then when you die, do it over." Many people fail to do or say all the things they want to before becoming old and disabled, and they live the last several years of their lives regretting the fact that there were things they wanted to do or say and didn't.
That should never be an option....never fail to say what you want or do what you want... Ever!!! There is so little time, and you can never go back!
In school, I never excelled....for I was always interested in something else that I liked better. Perhaps it was a girl in class, a car going down the road, which I could see out of the window, or daydreaming about anything and everything under the sun. Many times I would daydream about hunting when I became old enough...and once I was old enough, I simply daydreamed about a big buck I would harvest for my own! I was the class clown, often ending up in the principles office for disrupting the class with my usual hi jinxes of comedy performances.... sometimes in poor taste...other times quite cute. I was once asked by a teacher I wasn't fond of, to get paper out of a closet, so the class could take a test. She said I could pass it out and I could write my name on a sheet and place it on her desk so she could write the usual "E" on it ahead of time and thus, not waste her time and mine...
I entered the closet and there hanging on a hook was her Size, Bazillion, XXXX black felt coat...which I brought out into the classroom and declared, "Look at this...what is a tank cover doing in here?" Zinnnnnnnng.....I was of to the principle's office again... and looking back... I guess rightfully so. I had no right to humiliate her because she publicly humiliated me, right? Well....I did, and didn't care.
I often watch the movie "Stand by Me" and I am swept back to my childhood...... Even more so, now that I write...for I feel like Richard Dreyfess' character in adult life, looking back...as I write my biography, "Life in the Barren World", about growing up in the sixties, in an old mining town area of central Pennsylvania. My writings parallel that movie in a lot of ways and the time frame was identical....
Actually, I was a lot like Gordy....tall, lanky, serious, and lonely at home... (I had a brother eight years younger), Hell......I even wore shirts like his and suspenders until I was twelve! I lived in a little village containing ten houses....only seven within view of ours. We were surrounded by State Game Lands and a massive piece of property owned by the Harbison- Walker Company. All was open to the public, so I guess you could say my playground consisted of six thousand, nine hundred and
Seventy six acres and right in the middle of it, to the east of my house, was the Old Scotia Iron Mine, owned by the Edgar Thompson Steel Company, operated by Andrew Carnegie during the late 1800's.
My five childhood friends, living in three houses around mine, accompanied me on most days as we explored the world around us and lived life to the fullest as kids in the sixties in this vast expanse of nothing we had to explore.
Ahhhhhhh, writing this book is a trip back into my mind and memories of that time. It should be a good book for anyone in my age range....I can't wait to publish it
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