Wednesday, August 18

Wed. Aug. 18th...Wahoo...Almost Time For The Gazebo Concert in Town.......

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Its Wednesday evening...almost time to meet Lynda and Debbie at the gazebo by the Library for the weekly oldies concert put on by the "Rebound Boys", a pair of "Good ol' Boys" from back in the era of good music and good times..... We were invited by Lynda several weeks ago to go see these guys who play together from 7:00 until 9:00 in the little Gazebo, taking us back to our youth and captivating the youth of today with their music. They play for tips only, placed in a jar sitting on the floor of the Gazebo by the steps. They make good tips and better music for those two hours, as folks drift in and out all through the performance. Vick and I have enjoyed our dinner sitting in front of them several times and others just nursing a soft drink of a flavored ice slushy. We usually stay as long as we can, until it gets dark enough that we have to leave to put all the animals away for the evening, but that's fine. We have come to enjoy that hour and a half of good music by a guy with a snare drum and a cymbal and one electric guitar. The guy on the guitar has an exceptional voice and the drummer is great. Together they play some awesome renditions of Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash and the likes of Roy Orbison, etc. It is an outstanding show. These guys should be recording CD's for sale somewhere!!

Tomorrow we will be preparing for another trip into Bennington and Washington County. I think Vick is hooked on Benson's restaurant for breakfast on Fridays now, which simply tickles me pink!! I mowed the grass out front this morning, so it is going to look pretty good for the week end here and we can go for goodies to make the farm market a success. We will handle fresh Mozzarella s this Saturday and will be bringing fresh Ricotta for The Green Dish at Freehold House restaurant. Donna has something good in mind to use up that Ricotta cheese. Yummmmy!
If you think I'm foolin' Just check her out at the following page below:

Vick and I are talking with Donna about doing a farmer's market thing at the restaurant in Freehold possibly.... It's in the brainstorming mode...just talk and thought at this point. Keep watching and listening here for the scoop if it happens!
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