Thursday, August 19

Thurs. 19th... To Bennington, Manchester and North Granville, Tomorrow......

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Tomorrow morning we are off to the races again! Nah...I make it sound like such an adventure, but we'll be spending gas money and money we don't really have to purchase product for resale on the farm and at the farmer's market Saturday. We need to do this, even though we don't have the cash right now in farm account, because we need to retain the income on the farm to retain the farm status required by the town, state and federal government. Tax breaks only come to farms that are profitable or at least trying to be profitable...and we are surely trying to be both. We are picking up new product for resale, enlarging the flock to maintain egg production and adding meat bird sales and live sales to the farm to generate additional income here.
With the problems blossoming in the mid west and west coast area with eggs, I picture more eastern eggs moving westward, leaving a greater demand for our eggs to fill a gap generated by the westward movement. We can't hardly keep up with our farm sales any longer and needed the additional product so it was beneficial to continue going to and paying for a spot at the farmer's markets.
That doesn't seem like such a difficult problem does it? If you don't have eggs, don’t go! That's all well and good to someone who does armchair problem solving, but when you look at every angle, it's a poor thing to do.
People count on vendors to be at the market every week, offering their products in a manner that they can count on acquiring regularly. When you are sporadic with attendance and merchandise, they loose confidence in you and they don't come regularly, impacting on all the other vendors who are also counting on their support. If it happens enough, the market falls apart and ceases to exist any longer.
Every local farmer needs to do whatever possible, to support the market and ensure it continues to operate, thus binging folks into the town and market.
We are doing our part to generate commerce for the community that is giving us our tax break, because we are working farmers of this very community!
We certainly look forward to going tomorrow and will make a day of it, enjoying what we view as a "must do venture". What's wrong with enjoying the task at hand? We have to do it to get the product home so we can continue to support our Saturday commerce generation attempt. It's our only enjoyable perk of the trade.....

I think I'll see if we can make the egg delivery to the Green Dish at the Freehold House Restaurant this evening so we can get an earlier start tomorrow. The egg stand out front takes care of the sales here when we're gone, so without a delivery tomorrow morning, we can hit the road much earlier and maybe return much earlier. Let's hope.....

Last evening we went down to the town square to enjoy an hour of good music performed by the "Rebound Boys". They have been performing every Wednesday evening at the pavilion on the Library lawn by the fountain pond. They play great music for tips, enjoying what they do as much as we all enjoy listening to them perform it! It's a time of relaxation, good music, friends and an Ice Slurpy for Vick and me, before rushing back to put the birds and animals away for the night. Below are a few pictures of attendees and the band.....

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This is the Rebound Boys...
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Vick, Lynda, Debbie and Roger..
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