Sunday, August 1

Sunday, August 01, 2010...It all Comes Back...Time After Time...Again and Again...

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I came down this morning as I always do, turning the dogs loose into the rear, fenced in section of yard, allotted to them alone. My next regular stop is at the coffee pot. Once the coffee is underway, our daily pills doled out in the little container and the night lights shut off, I head for the computer. There I read my emails and see what is happening in the way of "news". I read until the dogs are ready to come back in, bid me a fond farewell as they pass, each looking at me in a forlorn way, on their way back to bed. I can almost read their minds..."Poor stupid bastard...getting up this hour and staying up."
Once they are all secure, back in the confines of the bedroom, filling my vacant... still warm spot, beside my slumbering wife, I amble back to the computer room to wait the final minutes, until the coffee pot quietly beeps its finishing signal. When the high pitched beep, beep, beep signal occured, I headed to the kitchen to fill my twenty ounce coffee mug and settle myself in front of the computer. Now I am ready to greet the internet, my blog and an ever changing world.
This morning however, I found myself enjoying an early morning twilight which beckoned me to allow my senses to drift toward the sounds and smells of the usual predawn display of natures finest. The repeated call of our roosters caught my attention as my senses lingered upon the sweet smell slowly drifting in the window. Perhaps it was the vanilla, anise smell of the Heliotropes, in the many flower boxes on the rear deck. Each spring we buy two full flats of this beautiful smelling plant, with its lovely, deep purple flowers. They continue to grow; blossom and smell divine all summer long and into the fall, when they give up their life and beauty to the same frosty bite, which could nip them at the start in the spring, if you plant too soon.
Anyway, as I was enjoying the sweet fragrance drifting into the room on the arriving morning's breeze, my hearing appeared to sharpen, as if I were turning up the volume on the world around me. I sat perfectly still...nary a breath being emitted from my lungs, for fear of destroying the moment. In the distance I could hear a raven, calling to its mate or cohorts....caw, caw, moments later another answered the lonely call. I saw an object flash past the window and up the steps to the pool. Still too dark to distinguish what it might have been, even though I suspected one of the efficiently, murderous cats, I sat quietly watching and listening. In what seemed a short millennium of solitude, I heard a faint meow, followed by the familiar plop, plop, plop of the youngest of our cats, jumping down the steps.... and shortly thereafter, popping through the screened cat door we installed in the computer room window. This device allows the cats to enter and exit the room at will, reducing our trips to the door where they may enter and exit many times an hour. The downfall of this device is that you may find many partially eaten vermin brought in as a "present or offering" from a particularly proud feline.
So, after Henrietta Puddy Cat made her entrance, my attention again returned to the sounds of morning and the now present announcement of morning light slightly showing on the eastern horizon. The light tickled through the pine boughs in the side yard, as the slight breeze carrying preciously treasured fragrances fanned and wiggled the limbs. It reminded me of a person peeking through a massive patch of weeds as they swayed the weeds to and fro, allowing an opening to peer through. As the light encroached upon the wooded darkness beyond, I could make out a deer between swamp and lake, happily browsing on the tender new grass. As I watched her, enjoying my life in such a tranquil and serene setting, a spotted fawn stepped from the thicket and entered the grassy banquet with its mother. Many times before, as I sat in these same conditions, I wondered if this was how it was in the garden of Eden, and I share a bit of what Adam and Eve gave up for an apple....the symbol of defiance which led to their expulsion from bliss.
My concentration was broken by the incredibly loud honk of several Canadian Geese as they erupted over my head, slightly above the peak of the roof, as they glided in for their morning landing on the lake. They constantly scare the baJesus out of me as the silently glide over my head, then erupt into a noisy discussion about their flight and landing plans with the rest of the flock. You never hear them coming.....until the babbling honk of the landing party.
Oh well, all the better that the geese arrived and jarred me back into reality....for the sun has taken its calling card of glitter at the horizon, and is now throwing the first long rays of the day's warmth my way, solidly illuminating the world...for all to see. You know what? I just spent an hour in the predawn heaven of my life, which seemed like seconds.

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