Sunday, August 1

Sun. Eve, Aug. 1st... Adding Links...Seems That is the Way of the World Now...

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The "Writer From Within" Fan Page... is my latest place to write to folks who love to read at Facebook.
I suppose I need to invest some more time in learning how facebook really works. Next, it will be a following on Twitter.....What ever that is!!!
So now you know I'm a tech weenie from yesteryear.....I can shoot off an email or design a regular web site or a flash web site, but don't have an idea what a Twitter is!
Anyway, I was happy with my meandering around this morning in the post and wanted to share it with my facebook followers who might enjoy it.
So....Take a few minutes and visit my fan page on facebook. I felt I could place a few links there to the blog and vise-versa, which gives viewers another venue to read. Here is the link. Please, check it out and click on the "like it" vote if you please. I sure would appreciate hearing from you!
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