Tuesday, August 3

Tues. Aug. 3rd... They Always Call For Rain... Yet We See Nothing But Dust.....

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This deer is wondering where the pond went....It's drying up!
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Rain today! Scattered Thundershowers.... Severe Thunder showers with high winds... Thunderstorm warnings..."It's A Comin!!!" Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, and they can kiss my butt too! I'm not looking for, or expecting any more rain on the say so of some little idiot twerp who can't tell me what yesterday was like, let alone today or tomorrow. They've been calling for rain off and on all summer long and you know what? It actually rained on June 12th, and then only one day since. That's fifty two days with only one of them containing any rain that was beneficial to anything or anyone here. I remember because June 12th was Vick's Dad's birthday party and the next rainy day drowned all our Guinea fowl Keets!
Little doubt that the drought will be what the drought will be. It's nothing any of us will ever change, so we might as well do the best we can and give it up! Just try to enjoy your summer as best you can and make provisions to do whatever is necessary to maintain flowers, gardens, animals and yourself until the rains comes.

We need to shut everything down during the afternoon and jump in the swimming pool a few times. We've had it out there and I haven't been in it for over two years. One reason was my lousy psoriasis, (which is totally gone after the Doxycycline) another reason was the bright sun, (which I hate being in) and lastly
.....I just never had the time. I think we need to make the time. We've been using the hot tub and I believe Vick is gaining the most benefit from that. I'm so glad! She seems to be able to get in there and relax, meditate with Native flute music playing in the background and the bubbling water from the jets makes a waterfall like sound that is very calming and serene. I certainly benefit from the joint warming heated water too, but I could survive without it. I believe it has actually helped Vick's back a little too. The hiatal hernia still raises havoc because the stomach wants to float up, while in the water and creates the same feeling as when the hernia is inflamed. I simply pull her hernia when we get out, just as I do when the hernia flares up after eating. Shortly after the pulling, the discomfort subsides as usual.
Today the cleaning kid will arrive around 8:30 or so, when his Mom drops him off on her way to work. We'll have him clean the runs again and drop wood chips, and then maybe gather some flat rock from the perimeter fence row out back. Vick is interested in placing them in a sidewalk manner around the hospice gift shop and the rest of the potting shed to discourage the chickens from digging in the flowers. We'll see if that works, but it does look nice and finished when they are down properly and ground cover grows between them, in the cracks.
Vick and I have to get busy and install the batten boards on the turkey house to finish that up. We should also call Ed Pooters, from Middle Field Lumber to see if we can get him to cut a few more batten boards for us to put on the gift shop porch and the bunny brothel. It needs finished.
Well, I suppose I should get ready for the kid's arrival and what we need to do.
The animals are ready to embark upon the world for today and the ice packs need changed and the stock resupplied in the egg stand.... More later!

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