Sunday, August 29

Sunday, August 29, 2010... Soon Gone The Summer...Melted Into Fall's Glory...

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Soon gone will be the warm rays of sunshine for the brisk light of fall, when all of the wonderful smells of nature seem to be released. As the fragrance of perfume escapes a toppled bottle, on a bedroom then, do the smells and fragrances escape the toppled days of summer. It is only a matter of time, before winter's harsh whispers of frosty breath spit a bone chilling message, that it has stolen the stage from fall. Thank goodness we have a stretch of harvest beauty and celebrations, before old man winter makes his appearance. This is the time of year Vick and I really enjoy getting things done. We work well together in the brisk fall weather, always enjoying the rewards of fall, as we do our day to day chores around the farm. Little escapes our attention... for we see the leaves as they turn to crimson red, yellow, orange...and then finally give up, falling unto the ground, to create a beautiful blanket of color upon the dead brown grasses of summer. Gone are the summer flowers...replaced by falls beauty. The smells replaced by fragrances recognized as only harvest smells. Pumpkins, bundles of corn stalks, Indian corn and Halloween decorations start showing up, both in the stores and in neighborhood yards. Days grow shorter, yet start much earlier each morning. Yes, it's hard to mistake the final days of summer, as they give way to the approaching fall.
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We have a new handyman coming today. He will be used to perform some of the more arduous tasks, like running the weed whacker around the pond, pulling all the weeds around the potting shed and the hospice gift shop and then bringing in stone from the line fence, suitable for placing around the buildings as a patio/rock garden perimeter.
Both Vick and I could do these things ourselves, but we would then have to sacrifice a few days to our recovery, before performing our usual chores around here. It's just so much easier, to yield to our age and hire a few young guys who are eager to work a few hours for a few extra bucks. Everyone ends up happy and moves on.
Vick and I have other things to do with our time. We want to get into the Hospice gift shop and start the wiring and get that out of the way. That has lingered throughout the summer as a plague to finishing our planned tasks of the summer. We had hoped to have the grand opening in the fall...and now the fall has all but engulfed us, as we pitter-pattered along...dreading the heat...the humidity and performed other things more pleasurable. Now it is time to pay the fiddler for the dancing and playing we experienced, while not performing the task at hand, when we should have. Oh well...we'll never be this old again..........why waste it?

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