Sunday, August 29

Sun. Eve Aug. 29th... The Freakin' Heat Is Comin' Back...

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Just when we were getting ready to deal with fall's cooler temperatures, Mother Nature dealt us another bum hand! We're to receive temperatures in the nineties and humidity that threatens to kill us in our tracks. Jeese Um... we only started in the hospice gift shop today and almost died from the heat...even with all the windows open. There was absolutely no breeze present, and we have windows on both sides and in the front, plus the door open. With all that, we only felt a slight breeze once or twice as we worked.
We need to pick up a few more octagon boxes for the ceiling lights and a 4 x 4 light switch box for at the door. Once all the boxes are in, we will drill holes in the wall studs and pull the wires from box to box. Later on, we'll install the receptacles, lighting boxes, hooking up those temporary carnival lighting fixtures and the fan boxes. We'll wire nut the ends of unconnected wires in boxes for now. We will then have to replace the small sub feed box in the potting shed with the bigger one we bought and install the present, small one in the gift shop, hooking everything up and then powering the new system. We'll have outside GFCI receptacles for Christmas lighting this year and porch lights which we will probably put on a motion activated sensor, so they light up the egg stand at night when someone pulls in to make a purchase.
Now the problem is that we will be on hold again for the majority of the work because sweating profusely while doing an unpleasant way to work.....Extremely unpleasant! Also...we can in no way shut down the power to change out the panels because of the need for the fans in the bunny brothel. The still, hot air would kill them in an heart beat. We will have to wait for cool weather to do the changeover of the panels.

We will do what wiring we can the early morning hours and quit when the temperature rises to an uncomfortable level. At least it's under way again.
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The new cleaning kid worked out great. He's a young guy with a girlfriend and a child. The fella wants to work and does a great job. We're happy with him and he's happy with us. We'll use him anywhere we can anytime we can. He ran the weed whacker today and carried stones and fitted them into place, making a patio around the hospice gift shop. It looked great.
We are now hanging it up for the night. When we get to the point of having something to show you in the gift shop, we'll take some pictures. Later friends!

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