Tuesday, August 31

Tues. Aug. 31st... More Days Of Heat... Torturing All the Animals and Us...

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After today, we'll be on the downhill slide toward autumn and cooler weather, but we still have a few days of blistering, grueling, humid days to get through. Hurricane Earl is a large category 4 storm coming this way and we most assuredly know it will dump lots of water on us in the coming few days. If it takes the projected path, it will be within 266 miles of us. If it takes the closest possible projected path, it will then be within only 221 mile of us and the impact would be much worse. To make matters worse, Fiona is following close behind Earl, but the odds of Fiona following Earl up the same coastline, to the same destination seems like high odds.....however, stranger things have happened.
We are having family visiting this week.... so we will be making our trip to New England for our cheese product on Wednesday this week instead of Friday. We want to be home to visit while they are here, or go where ever interests them. Our friend Joodee will sell our cheeses and eggs at the market for us this week... and next week we will sell her jams and soaps for her while she is away or entertaining someone. It works out quite nicely that way and each of us continues to sell product and satisfy customers while being away from the market.....
We picked up the boxes yesterday at Lowe's, so we'll be able to finish installing them and drill holes to pull wires, hooking up some receptacles and temporary lighting so we can work out there after dark. Sometime next week, they project fall weather with temperatures much cooler, so we might even be able to swap out the electrical panels and get that all resolved. We'll see....but for now, I got things to do to get ready for the family visit. Later friends......

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