Thursday, August 26

Thurs. Aug. 26th... Alas, the Illusiveness of Invisible Continues to Elude Me...

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I have searched high and low for the missing drill bit container housing the set of turned shank drill bits needed for the installation of the hinge bolts for the new pasture gate. The ghosts and goblins have surely teamed up with all the little Gremlins which are constantly running about here pulling their little pranks.
I'll give up and find another source for providing the precise hole needed for the hinge pins, install then, hang the gate and then in a day or two...the drill index will reappear in a spot which I've already checked multiple times. Its times like these that I'd swear I can almost hear giggling, which seems to come from everywhere, mimicking a very subtle echo from afar. Well, I suppose it's a real bummer when we aren't scared by that and we just move on to the next thing that we need to do. Some people are freaked out by things like that, but Vick and I have a real strong belief of other dimensions paralleling this life, occupied by those that came before us and passed to the next level...and then those of a next generation, that will be coming to our present level.
Anyway....that gate is going to be mounted and the stall completed today.
Tomorrow is reserved for our weekly road trip, so there will be no building then and we've already decided we are going to stop at the Washington County Fair on the way home from picking up cheese, fruit and honey. Later this afternoon, we will travel to The Green plate at the Freehold House Restaurant, to drop off eggs and some cheese and honey. We will then be able to get an early start for the road trip tomorrow... which we enjoy immensely.
I suppose I should get my butt moving and release all the critters to roam and enjoy, because they will not be out tomorrow with us stopping at the fair. We'd never get home before dark to close them in and our friend Judy is in Florida until Saturday. I'll post a few pictures later of the new gate and stall.

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