Wednesday, August 25

Wed. Aug. 25th... Gremlins, ghosts and goblins... The little shits hide everything...

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Today Vick and I went down to Greene County Horseshoe and bought a metal gate to install in place of the front, outside gate which is now on the pasture fence. We will then move the previous gate into the barn and make a separate stall for the sheep so we can keep everything under control while the animals are eating. As it is now, the sheep hog all the food from every place they can reach and in the frenzy, step on the ducks and run over us if we're in the way. Making a separate stall will easily and efficiently rectify the problem and let us control the feed, so the sheep don't bloat on grain. Once the feeding is completed, we can open the stall and allow all the animals to be together, because they are all very mellow when there is no food involved.
NOW... for the problem...The damned ghost and goblins hide everything I need to do the work! I have a set of turned shank drills which will allow me to drill holes from 1" down to 3/8" using a 3/8" chucked electric drill.... The problem is that I spent three hours today searching for the set of drills to make the bored holes for the hinge pins. They are very precise and you cannot bore the holes with lousy drills. It must be a very smooth boring drill bit because there is not much of a thread on the hinges posts. If the bit flutters or chatters, the hinge post will not be tight and will strip out easily.
So now tomorrow, we need to find this damned set or go buy a speed bit to use, mount the gate and get busy making the stall and cutting the present gate down to use inside.
We have all day tomorrow to perform this, because Fridays are reserved for our road trip to Vermont to pick up our weekly order of cheese products. We are also going on up to Washington County for breakfast and to Perry's Orchard for more apples and some more affordable honey if we can get it.... That's all for today... it was a sucky day at best. We're hoping for a better one tomorrow.........
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