Tuesday, August 10

Tuesday, August 10, 2010... On The Run All Day Trying To Provide...More Goodies...

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Today we took off after letting the entire bunch of critters loose and headed North to the Washington County and Vermont area. We wanted to make contact with a few people and secure some products for our farm stand and to take with us to the farmers market on Saturday. We drove all the way to West Hebron, by way of GPS to find Tim of the Starlit Ridge Farm, where we bought a bunch of raw honey, which we will pick up on Friday sometime after stopping at Maple Brook Farm to pick up a bunch of cheese curd. We are going to get a bunch of sweet corn and some maple candy and maple cream if we can then too. Today we got a bunch of excellent maple syrup from the Sugar Mill Farm in Greenwich, NY too. They don't make candy or maple cream, but we do have the phone number of another individual near Sugar Mill Farm that does make them and Drybrook Sugar House in Salem does also, so we'll probably find those items somewhere or another.

Also on August 10th, 1900 Edith Behrens Drao was born. This is Vick's dearly departed grandma... and Vicki, as well as the rest of the family miss her greatly....Happy Birthday Gram. We all wish you were sitting at the table, making funny faces, as we enjoyed a piece of cake with you as you opened your presents....... We all miss you!

That said, we will end for the evening....take care and love one another....
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