Wednesday, August 4

Wednesday, August 04, 2010... Threats! More Threats of Rain...I'm Not Fallin'...

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This morning I awoke to an overcast sky positively threatening to soak us with a downpour. What's new? Last evening when we took the eggs to the stand and changed out the ice blocks, it was the same way. In fact, at that time, it was downright nasty looking...showing churning, vicious, turbulent swirls of black and gray overhead, as they whisked past one another in different directions and an almost chilly breeze whispered "R-A-I-N" through the pine boughs behind me.
Still this morning we awoke to a drier than dry landscape. Even the dew can't touch the ground without being sucked out of the air before settling on the dusty earth.
Yesterday, I threw the garden hose into the pool to add a little water. Since the filter was actually making a hissing noise as the pump pulled air, I knew we needed some water addition. I put the open hose end into the pool and turned it on around 6:30 or so in the morning. Sometime around 1:15 in the afternoon, Vick let the dogs in and said to me that she hated to be the bearer of bad news, but something was leaking in the pool, under the deck.
PANIC....THOUGHTS OF BEING STUPID...EMBARRASMENT... and probably several more expletives came to mind, as I sheepishly headed for the swimming pool. Vick, of course knowing me like a book well read...asked, "Okay...what's wrong?" Knowing I was caught, I related that I had left the garden hose on for a mere 6¾ hours and the water was now running out of the skimmer box because the pool was probably pretty full by now! To my surprise, Vick said, "Oh, I'm glad it wasn't something more serious than that!", her non-salient reprisal delivered so eloquently, without even breaking stride, as she made her way past me to return to our friend Isabelle, who was visiting in the kitchen. Sometimes Vick knocks my socks off with the element of surprise, because I though she would seize the moment, to push my buttons as I sometimes (almost always) do to her, (knowing of course, she loves it once it dawns on her that I'm kidding) but she didn't!
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The 4th annual Batavia Kill Stream Celebration is this taking place this coming Saturday and we will be there selling our hand made farm products, so today is going to be alpaca fiber processing day in the kitchen. (Under the protection of the air conditioner) I will pick and card mats of fiber which can then be sold by the ounce. These mats can be torn into one continuous length of roving by simply tearing a strip off the mat, but stopping near the end and then turning and tearing back in the opposite direction. You can also use a Diz to draw it through, making a rounded more uniform pencil roving to spin from.
Anyway, I'm going to the Wilson House and pulling some fiber from Bollero, Luke and Iggy and picking and carding it into sellable lots of mats, which I will then place in bags, label and tag.
We'll have these fiber mats, fiber felting animal project kits, Vick's stained glass artwork, her watercolor art prints and my book to sell from our vendor stand.
The event goes from 10:00Am until 5:00Pm and is a great place to spend the day! Check it out at this link.....
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