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Thursday, August 05, 2010... Are You Out There...Do You Like What You See...

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This morning I spent an uncertain amount of time... stuck, or consumed perhaps, in the writings of a "famous" artist I have come to despise, because of the masterful use of every living thing around the person in perpetuating one's self. This is a well known writer in the literary world of books and blogs and has authored many regular columns in major publications. Unfortunately, this person doesn't always know enough about what is written when delivering advice, but that is not my concern. Many well meaning people (myself included) often offer less than professional, poorly researched opinions or suggestions on topics, simply meaning to be helpful.
My dislike of this self-proclaimed "expert" is that every topic breeched by this person, ultimately brings the results of that discussion to the threshold of money in some manner or other. I am not begrudging wealth or notoriety, for I am not a jealous person and I write this with true absence of malice for the writer, but everything...good, bad or ugly, puts money in the pocket of this person. When offering help to anyone, you can bet there are dollars hanging in the outcome for this person and if not, good luck to you, for there is no longer an urgency to help you at that point. There in lies my dislike for this person.
There is a definite psychological problem... which is openly referred to constantly by this person and a long standing story line about their childhood and how traumatic it was. Again.... there is money made from this in the most horrid ways... Others who relate, buy books because of it. Perhaps the ulterior motive for such stories.....
I once held email contact with this person and wished to befriend them, along with Vick, but it was a really bad decision because it turned into a fiasco of proportional size as they decided we were evil and wanted something of them, even though we were the one's giving.... It was because our "normal", outward lives seemed to parallel one another so much...that we thought being closer friends might be nice. We thought we could visit when in the area, or possibly get together for coffee and exchange news and stories or ideas, at a restaurant if they were free when we were near. BAD idea....BAD, BAD, BAD!!!
END of story... Never happened, NEVER will. We have no contact any longer.

Now for the problem....There is still a magnetic draw of some proportion toward this person for both Vick and I...even though we believe this person to be a despicably condescending, money hungry, nasty individual. The funny thing is that this person is probably unaware of the attraction...MAYBE. Last year we were at a function some distance from where this person lives, but they had also attended the same function. We purposely kept our distance from them.....pretending to not know them. While Vick was talking to a lady spinning yarn, this person and their spouse came within two feet of us, nosing through items in this person's booth, constantly milling around us, as if to see if we would speak. Perhaps there is a supernatural connection there despite the mutual opposition.
Both Vick and I experience special feelings from time to time and feel that there are people in our lives we are destined to meet and befriend for some reason. Sometimes we don't always know what the reasons are and other times it is quite obvious. We sometimes meet people who direct us to other people, who provide services we need, at the very time they need the work to survive in business. We have had multiple experiences of this kind and people come and go in our lives...some remain as very good and close friends for years or potentially for ever. (We hope)
We roll with the flow, but give our friendships and relationships our full attention, considering them all important and predestined to occur.
This person concerns me very, very seriously and I don't know why, but it is to be! This feeling does not go away.......for me or for Vick! When we have this type of feeling, something ultimately comes to pass and seldom do we both possess this feeling together, at the same times, repeatedly, for this long. Many subside with one of us, before the other and then leave, never to return and then it is gone from both of us. Not this person. The draw to this person is sometimes constant.... Their intrigue will one day to be revealed to us both, I hope.

Today, I will be a fiber processing fool of the first degree. I have three huge bags of alpaca fiber to pick, card and turn into batting, to get ready for the 4th Annual Batavia Kill Stream Celebration this Saturday. I may also process a few bags of wool batting too. We have more wool fiber than anyone would probably want to buy in the middle of the summer anyway. When we go on Saturday, we'll offer gray German Angora, white Giant Walsh Angora, Huacaya alpaca, Suri alpaca and our wool fiber. We will also offer fiber animal felting kits, Vick's multiple art prints and my books at this annual mountaintop function.

Last evening, we went to the park in town and ate our dinner as we listened to music by a two man group. I can't understand why these guys aren't at least cutting local CD's to sell. They are great! The singer's voice is exceptional and sounds much like Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and other greats. Below is a sample....although not his best, I think you'll agree he is good.

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