Monday, September 13

Monday, September 13, 2010... Another Day Closer to Fall...As The Turkey Dies...

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Wow, the trees in certain places are changing rapidly. On the way to Coxsackie to see Isabelle today, we past a section of maple trees which were displaying every combination of red to orange to vivid yellow available in any color spectrum chart made. Boy...was it ever beautiful...and as bright a reminder as ever, that fall is but a few weeks away!
Saturday we found that we had another turkey which was not doing very well. She was losing weight...or at least, not gaining any and was extremely lethargic...standing for a long time behind the open coop door, away from the others. We lost one the week before to the same symptoms as this, so Vick placed an antibiotic in the water to get a jump on this one before it went down. We also used Rooster Booster in their drinking water. It is a purely holistic treatment of herbs and vitamins which are good and possess a healing nature for chickens. Yesterday, she was worse, lying on her side...appearing to be actively dying, so Erika offered to slit its throat to stop its suffering. Vick wasn't in favor of killing it, so we moved away and talked about what could be causing this sickness. When we turned around three minutes later, she was gone... no longer lying there! We looked and she was in the coop with the others eating and drinking as if nothing was ever wrong with her. Last evening when I put the turkeys away for the night, I saw that the healthy ones were again pecking at her. I took her into the brothel and placed her on the hay...placing a dish of water and crumble in front of her. She fed and drank, then tucked her head under her wing.
This morning she ate and drank, but was shivering some. I moved her into the sunlight which was shining through the window, still resting on the warm hay and piled hay around her like a nest. She was happy.
This afternoon while we were out buying layer pellets...death came to her. We are now down to nine meat turkeys....minus four from the baker's dozen we bought in July. We may already have all of these promised, so I surely hope there are no more occurrences of mortality.
Our friends Jiri and Erika received a counter offer price on the land they are trying to purchase. The slightly higher price was accepted by them, but there are issues with the right-of-way, which is a long driveway access, consisting of a narrow woods road to the property. Vick and I understood Jiri's concern with a piece of "land locked" real-estate, especially with an assigned right-of-way agreement which was not very descriptive on the present deed. We talked to the agent and made it known that Jiri wants to own the access road to his new parcel and will give a right of way to the present owner of the other land. After all, they own a very large tract next to the right-of-way and can enter several other places. Jiri's potential twelve acres remains "land-locked" without purchasing the road, with only a poorly written right-of-way. Vick and I will stay on top of this to ensure no one tries to pull anything on Jiri and Erika, since they are in Jersey and dealing by phone. The agent never got back to us this evening, so we assume the owner was not reached. Tomorrow is another day.
Speaking of tomorrow...I will take an early start in the potting shed and do the panel switch if it is cool and overcast. I need to change out the existing panel with one which has more capacity. The present one is not overloaded...just full. If it is not cool, I'll just work in the gift shop installing ceiling lighting boxes and fan boxes.

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