Sunday, September 12

Sunday, September 12, 2010... Another Day of Property Seeking for Friends...

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A great place for a house! What a view!!!
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Today will be a nice day with Jiri and Erica. They are such nice folks... If they get a house up here, or land to build one, they will become very close friends, I know it. We all get along very good and they are very easy to talk to. He would make a killing by running his construction company (primarily carpentry & remodeling) up here...and the community would benefit greatly by having him, because no one that lives here is reliable to call. Someone like him would be in great demand.
Also...anyone that could operate heavy equipment could become a millionaire up here with a fleet of machines. There is always foundations and septic systems and repairs of all kinds needing done and you can hardly find a digger who will, or can come faster than a six month wait! Some come and then pull out to go start another job, leaving you hanging in limbo, awaiting their return. Some never return, and you have to get someone else to come and take over. We had one contractor, come and put the big main beam and one post up for our big roof over the side deck (outside the kitchen door), and they never came back. Vick and I built the entire roof and reinforced the 4x4 posts, which I thought were too small. Never even came back for his pay for installing what he did......not even to this day. Yeah, anyone that wants to work here...can live here and make a killing if he does what he promises and does it on time and correctly.
I believe I will work around here a little bit until Jiri and Erica arrive. It's nice and cool out there with a lingering summer sun that isn't baking everything as it did a few weeks or days ago. I believe summer is over.....or at least hanging by the tip of its finger before falling off into fall. Soon we will be overrun by tourists from down south, wanting to see the foliage when it turns....there is already some maple trees turning really pretty orange and red colors. All the apple festivals, Oktoberfest celebrations and regular holidays are bearing down upon us rapidly.
Well, it's now 10:36 in the morning already and the critters want out to roam and eat, so I better get moving and let them out. I just sold the last four dozen eggs to the neighbor before they left for their home in Queens.

Well, well, it is 10:00 Pm and I'm still trying to post this. At the present I can report spending the day with Jiri and Erika, taking them to see a property that we found for them earlier in the week. We sent some photos of the 12 acre tract with a pond, reassuring them that it was a beautiful piece of property and would be well worth their time and gas to come up and look at it. After we pulled into the center of the surrounded tract, parking by the pond, I could see that Jiri's interest was peaking... I believe Erika fell in love with the tranquility and beauty of the mature forest setting...something which is lacking in their present Piscataway residence. After walking the property, we met with the local
Real-estate agent we choose for them and they began talking in earnest about the sales price and finally made an official offer, entering into a contract proposal.
Both Vick and I remember the day she did the same thing here and recall the excitement of her possibly owning a house in Upstate New York. I was but a good friend back then, agreeing to help her by looking the property over and checking the electrical and other things for potential problems. Just the same, I remember the joy and excitement at making the offer. My excitement came when I realized that I was never leaving and would help her for the rest of our lives. Jiri and Erika is there already. A nicer couple, you could never find. We appreciate each others friendship and will never take that for granted. It was a very good day.
After they departed for home, our friend Lynda, from the antique shop, arrived to do some artwork with Vick. They started this piece together the other night and finished it this evening. How beautiful...and such a unique idea. They will produce several of these for an event at a church in Greenville where they will sell them on October 24th. They should be very popular because many people attend this annual event to buy Christmas presents.

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This stained glass wall mounting has an actual antique bottle on it that will hold water for a rose or several flowers. Beautiful! Remember, you can click twice on the picture to enlarge it to a full page picture for a close-up look at the glasswork.
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