Friday, September 10

Friday, September 10, 2010... The World Changed Nine Years Ago Tomorrow......

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Yes friends, tomorrow is September, 11th....more commonly referring to 9/11 which occurred in 2001...the day that America found out it was not so invincible!
That was the day that 2,500 people lost their lives and families were torn apart in a deliberate act of war by Islamic hoodlums, that made it bad for all decent Muslims the world over. I will not preach hatred for what happened, but I do tolerate the Muslim faith.....Islam however...I Do NOT! It is the Islamic radicals who wish to kill every infidel of the world.....and anyone who is not Islamic or believes in their way of life and religion is an infidel....pure and simple! They want to rule the world and 9/11 was their most poignant strike to date.
I will therefore keep my mind and thoughts on all the innocent people who either lost their lives, or those who lost loved ones, as a result of this cowardly and despicable attack on people who had no part in their political or religious war!
We must all be tolerant with the innocent, yet resolute and ever watchful of the leftist radicals promising future attacks and our annihilation from this world.
I wish 9/11 had never happened and the world was as it was for everyone before, but it is not...and I will never say I'm sorry for hating what the Islamic faith did to the world. God bless the innocent................

Vick and I have been a little under the weather lately and I don't know if it has been the changing season, because we are both very prone to allergy attacks this time of the year, but it has been extremely bad this year if it is. We have been looking forward to this kind of temperatures and we relish the fall harvest festivals that will be going on very soon. We have also wished for this type of weather so we can finish the hospice gift shop and get it open to try to increase the generated funds for the Columbia-Greene Hospice program. We will now be able to labor in the gift shop and not melt in the heat we previously endured. It should go fast and before you know it, we will need to have the electrical inspection performed and then we will be able to insulate and finish the interior walls that Ed Pooters, junior will cut for us. He is waiting for the sawyers to fell pine trees, which should happen soon. I guess they wait for the pitch to start draining from the trees in preparation for the fall and winter, but I don't know for sure. I do know they don't like to cut pines in the summer months though.
Anyway...the animals are tolerating the weather much better and we can put the fans to rest in the barn, which will give us much more room to maneuver in the bunny brothel. We want to get cracking on the project at hand so we can finish them up before all the harvest fest activities occur. We have missed many of the fall foliage celebrations in the past years because of being knee deep in the building work around the farm. This year, we can work on the gift shop and stop to attend the celebrations as they arrive and go right back to the shop work afterward.
We are looking forward to the
Apple Festival at the Altamont Fairground complex, the many Harvestfest celebrations throughout the northern areas of New York and Vermont and the various Fall Foliage Festivals also. Keep watching as we announce the dates, times and places that all these events occur.

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