Tuesday, September 7

Tues. Sept. 07th...Out Running and Looking for Property For Our Friends...

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Today we went to the Agway store and picked up a bunch of feed for all the animals. We picked up two huge 7 gallon nylon watering containers for the chickens and a huge hanging feeder to stop the loss of feed from chickens constantly kicking it all over the place. We used to fill a big wash basin with pellets and after a few minutes, a bird would be standing in the middle of it scratching like it had to look for feed. Idiotic bird would simply thrust feed all over the place and the other chickens would then scratch and scratch until half the pellets were actually buried beneath the dirt on the floor, probably lost forever. Anyway...we now have a hanging feeder that they cannot stand in or on. The watering cans are seven gallon, have a snap on bottom to catch the water and a huge screw-on cap where it is filled. They will keep the water extremely clean and fresh, which is one element of keeping the chickens happy and laying eggs.
They need a clean coop, lots of food and clean, cool, fresh water. Give them enough light daily, and you'll have eggs out the Wazoo... (See this Bill?)
Once we had everything under control here, we took off looking at a parcel of land in Berne that might be of interest to our New Jersey friend's Jiri and Erica. It's a lovely 22 acres tract, fully wooded, with a pond full of bass and a stream on the rear corner of the tract. It's mostly level with a little grade too. It's really a good piece of real estate for the money. When we returned, from looking at the land, we ate dinner and put the animals away. Then it was time for blogging again.
I did a post to my other blog entitled "A Pissed Off Patriot" although few people follow it anymore, because I committed the hiatus of an extended period for awhile, but I still rant and rave there every now and then.
Tomorrow we'll look for better weather...milder, cooler possibly and if so, we'll dive into the hospice gift shop again and perform more wiring to get ready for the inspection by who ever comes and does it. First though, I have to change out the little panel in the potting shed for to the big panel we go and place the smaller one in the gift shop. One cool day...that's all I need to swap the panel out. I need the cool day so we don't need the fans to cool the bunnies in the brothel...just one cool day.

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