Saturday, September 25

Saturday, September 25, 2010...The Wiring In The Hospice Gift Shop is Done...

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Harvest moons are so pretty!
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Today was the farmer's market, so we got an early – late start, because we were in Vermont Friday all day long, and then worked until about 1:30AM, making bags and picture cards for people who ordered them. Once we got to bed, we didn't feel much like rising early.......but we did! We didn't move too fast and it took us extra long to get the tables set up at the market...In fact, Vick let all her stained glass, her pictures and other miscellaneous items in the car or boxes. She said, "If someone asks, they can look through the box, but I'm not dragging it all out to put it away in a few short hours." I agreed!!!!! We sold four of our free range, cleaned chickens to one lady, along with some of our cheeses. I also sold another book too. It was a good day and each week in getting better and better. We have been ordering more and more cheese because we are selling more and more cheese on a regular basis. People are coming up to us at the market and asking, "Are you the people with the cheese from Vermont, then ask for whatever it is they were told about, so word of mouth is a strong salesman. Next week is Greenville Day and we will be there all day long, so we have already placed an expanded order for cheese product and we are planning to order extra maple syrup and more apples. It should be quite a day if the weather holds out.
Tomorrow night is a poetry reading at the Freehold house Carriage Room. The winners of the Rip Van Winkle Poetry competition will be reading their winning entries. I have been personally asked to do a reading for Donna's birthday. Perhaps I will write her a special birthday poem this evening or tomorrow morning and present it to her tomorrow evening at the reading.
This evening, I finally finished the wiring in the hospice gift shop. Now we can call for an inspection to see how that will go over. If everything is ok and the inspector passes it, we can start on the insulation and install the ceiling and wood burner chimney pipe, stove and fireproof wall board.
Moving right along with the agenda.....................................

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