Tuesday, September 21

Tuesday, September 21, 2010... Building, Blogging, Writing and Fall Preparations...

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Wow, I'm back... Time to update the blog and fill you in on what's happening around here.... I've been and still am working on the hospice gift shop...writing and composing book #3...and preparing for fall here on the farm. I received a call from Steven, a step-son from the past, last evening. He found me on facebook and wanted to contact me to see how I was doing. He is now planning to come up before the snow flies just to visit for a few days and to meet Vick. He is married to Linda, which was his girl friend when I left and they now have a beautiful little girl, named Morgan. I'm amazed at all the people you can find from years past, by using facebook. It is a fabulous method of locating old friends and acquaintances.
I'm working in the gift shop and making constant headway with the wiring. I'm a little slower than usual because of the Lyme's symptoms which are slow in departing. My fingers, thumbs and sometimes my wrists are stiff and sore, so I just do what I can and stop when I must. Tomorrow is another day and I can do it then. It's all under roof now and closed in for the winter, so even though we want to finish it and have a grand opening this fall, if we can't, then we can't. It will happen when it is supposed to happen.
Friday will be the day of rest again, as we cruise off to Vermont to pick up our cheese order, which is growing ever larger, each week. We also visit the same orchard for apples and anything else he has to offer on the day of our visit. We dine at a few choice locations along the way and simply enjoy the ride now that we go up through East Schodack, near East Greenbush, into West Sand Lake, on to Poestenkill and then into Brunswick center. That completely cuts out route 787, from Glenmont, through Albany and all the way through the heavily congested streets of Troy. We still come out onto route 7 at Brunswick center and after a few more short miles on route seven, cross into Vermont. Cutting out the road race through Albany and the traffic in Troy makes the trip a pleasure to behold each week now. Instead of being on pins and needles, we now see New England type scenery and homes. We will be snapping pictures along the way very soon, as the foliage start to come into its prime fall display. It's so very beautiful when you drive into Bennington and see miles and miles of fall colors in the mountain ranges which stretch as far as the eye can see. I want to take a day long road trip into northern Vermont and maybe stay overnight in an old Inn there and then head home the next day, before the winter snows limit our travel. Both Vick and I would love that. We always think of the Stratford Inn, from the Bob Newhart show, but it really didn't exist. They shot scenes from the actual Stratford streets and local scenery and the front of the Waybury Inn, but they were never inside the building and the show was a fake set. You would not even recognize the décor of the original Inn, except for the "Minute Man Café" sign and the "Stratford Inn" sign used as the shows façade, which was kept there.

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