Tuesday, September 28

Tuesday, September 28, 2010...And it Rained...and Rained...and Rained...

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It rained here all day long yesterday...not hard, just a slow soaking rain. Just what we needed. If it rains today and tomorrow like they say it will, we should gain a little in the reservoirs...finally!
Some of the reservoirs are three to four feet low right now. It's dryer than all the old timers have ever seen it. I've not found anyone living that has seen it this bad in the past. Now that's saying something!!!!!
I feel a little better this evening, but not a lot. At least I don't have the chills and achy feelings I had the night before last. I was in bed around 7:30 in the evening and I stayed there until seven this morning, when the dogs had to go out. I didn't do anything all day long today, except carry groceries from the car to the house, and unload some chicken feed into the respective containers, putting the remainder into the big barn feed room. I did help Vick feed them while we were out there, so we didn't have that to do at dusk when it was time to close them in for the night.
I later went out and chased the entire critter population of the farm, back into their humble abodes for the evening. I rode the garden tractor from the big barn to the little barn, to limit my time in the rain and keep my feet dry.
When I came back into the house, I read my emails and responded where it was necessary. As I was reading my emails, my cell phone rang and when I answered it, I was amazed to hear the voice of my ex-wife's youngest son, Ron...or Fats, as he was more commonly known. It was the first we had talked since my separation from his Mom. We talked for about fifteen minutes and after filling each other in on our present lives, I invited him to come up to visit Vick and I. He said he would like to come in the winter, so Zach...his oldest boy, could go skiing at one of the resort slopes. I told him to simply call when he was ready to come up and let us know. After a bit more discussion, we said goodbye and we hung up. I was placing his phone number in my cell phone register, when the phone rang again.
This time, amazingly, it was Steven, the oldest son of my ex. He told me he wants to bring his wife and two kids up Friday to visit for the weekend. I had just spoken to Steven on Thursday evening, last week for the first time since 2005 when I separated from his Mom and moved away and he wants to come see us and Fats, is coming in the winter to visit and take his son skiing at Windham. Steven didn't know Fats had just called until I told him, but he said he told Fat's about talking the other evening and Fat's wanted my phone number...but he didn't know we had just hung up from talking. Funny huh? They miss me since I divorced their Mom and moved away. What a strange life I've had, and now they are coming back to me, letting me know that they still care. After telling Steven he was welcome to come up this weekend, as long as he didn't mind going to the Farmer's Market with us on Saturday morning, he laughed and said sure, we'll enjoy that too, besides he really wanted to see me and meet Vicki. After hanging up from his call, I then pulled up my latest book and did a few pages of enjoyed reminiscing, by adding to the chapter I am now writing about my friends and myself building a boat out of old car hoods, which we would launch and use to go fishing....well, kinda. I worked at that for an hour or so, but my sinus allergy was kicking in again, making life miserable, so I went to relax a bit...took a pill and hit the couch.
Now this morning...my sinus is kicking my butt again all over. I'll hit the couch and sip some coffee and take another sinus pill. I'll be back later if I survive.........

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