Thursday, September 16

Wed. Sept. 16th... The Lighting Is In and Hooked Up... Now...Receptacles.....

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Yesterday, Vick went into the barn with the animals and to clean a little as I went to work on the gift shop and reinstalled the panel in the center of the opening with a plywood backing board. Next I started pulling the wiring from ceiling box to ceiling box for the lighting. By the time the sun went down, I had all the ceiling wiring pulled and lights hooked up and working off the switch at the door. Now I will start on the receptacles. After completing them, I'll do the fan boxes. They will get blank caps over them with everything wire nuts installed on the wire ends, but the wiring will be there if and when Vick decides she needs ceiling fans in there. I'll run three circuits for the for each side of the building and the third for the outside GFCI's. Once these are completed, we're ready for the inspection.
Today we made our usual Friday run to Vermont for our farmer's market products. We got cheese curd, Ricotta and Mozzarella from Maplebrook farm and then went on up to Perry's Orchard, where we got apples, then on to a little organic farm, where we loaded up on pumpkins. Tomorrow we need to go pick up a bag of sweet corn we ordered from a local farmer. When we show up at the market on Saturday morning, we'll have eggs, whole roaster chickens, maple syrup, honey, apples, corn and the three cheeses. We'll also have the art prints, my books, the felting kits and we'll be selling Jams and soaps for Judy while she covers the lumberjack event in Tannersville this weekend.
Maybe Vick and I will go up and visit her after we're done with the market.... We'll see.

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