Monday, October 4

Monday, October 04, 2010...Back From A Great Weekend Of Fun and Visiting...

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We had a fantastic weekend with my Step-Son Steven and his wife, Linda... son JT and daughter Morgan over the weekend. They arrived on Friday evening and spent the day with us at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. They had a good time, but needed some heavier clothing to make the day, once the wind started to pick up. With the gusts of wind, I was even a bit chilly and welcomed my wrangler jacket when Vick brought it from home, along with some other duds for our guests. I was fine without it, but really comfortable with it. I laugh when I see people at the market now. You can tell the visitors to the area from the locals easily. Local women have fleece pull-overs on and the men are still in short sleeved Tee's. Visitors stand out... because the men are always neck-less and have both hands jammed into their pockets, with their arms tightly pulled against their sides....looking extremely agitated to be there, as they follow their wives around like puppies. Women have winter garb on and always look frozen, as they burr and shiver and complain.... PERIOD! There is no in between.... Its winter runnin' gear or they aren't there at all. Anyway, we had a terrific time, turned about five hundred and fifty dollars in business and pleased a lot of people with our exquisite Ricotta cheese, Mozzarella and cheddar cheese curds. We sold at least twenty-two dozen eggs too. It was nice to recover some of the money laid out for the product we sold and the eggs...probably all but paid for the chicken feed! That five hundred dollars, deposited back into the farm account, will go far in helping run the farm the rest of the month, making us a bit closer to being solvent.
We left for home about 4:45 in the afternoon, put all the stuff away and visited until dark and we got all the animals away, before going to Paul's for pizza. When we returned home, Steven and JT watched Penn State College football and then we all retired for the evening. They left for Pa the next morning after a good visit.
We had one inspection in the Hospice Gift the town inspector and passed with flying colors. Now we need the electrical inspector. ONWARD!!!!!
Vick is preparing her artwork to be displayed in the National Bank of Coxsackie, here in Greenville next month. We picked up the different colored matt board today in Albany and as soon as the frames come, we will frame the prints and ready then to be hung next month. COOL!!!!!!
Tonight is Vick's first Art class for the fall season. It is Stanley Maltzman's regular fall class. I will attend and write my books in the back of the classroom, unlike the past when I partook in the class as a painter. I've given up my paintbrush for the pen. I am not patient enough to do water color painting like I write books. I can turn my mind loose to flash and flail around, somewhat unrestricted.... and allow whatever the story might be, to just sort of squirt out onto the paper for the world to see.
When we return from the art class, I can picture simply retiring for the evening...bed will be a welcome reward of the day....

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