Saturday, October 16

Saturday, October 16, 2010... An End To The Saturday Farmer's Market.....

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Casey is doing well...eating and moving about. What a relief that is! Now all we have to do is get through to the 25th when the staples come out and everything will then return to normal. She spent the day with us, both lounging in the car and sitting beside us in our chairs while we all shivered to death in the chilling wind.......
Today was the last of the Saturday farmer's markets until next spring and rightfully so...given the change in the weather. We have passed the point of realistically conducting a farmer's market outside, because even if you were stupid enough to set up.....NO ONE IS GOING TO COME OUT AND FREEZE, AS THEY BUY OUR GOOD...Not until next summer OR...unless we start selling somewhere inside. We will probably look into a winter farmer's market which will be conducted indoors in Coxsackie. That will allow us to keep our regular customers buying our eggs and cheeses throughout the winter months, so we can again start next spring with a regular following when the Greenville Farmer's Market starts up again. There is a distributor in Albany somewhere... that we should be able to buy our cheeses from, eliminating a trip to Bennington during the winter snow periods.
We did well today, selling honey, maple syrup and all our eggs. We also sold about all our cheese.....all but some of the Mozzarella balls. We ended up freezing 15 balls this afternoon.

After unloading everything and putting it away, we went to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival, down by Kingston. There were people from all over the United States there! They had about 17,000 people in attendance today and can expect another 20,000 people Sunday. There are probably over 200 vendors and so much to keep you busy that you never see everything in the weekend, even if you were to purchase the $17.00, two day pass. Check out the link I've given you above to see what it's all about and maybe you'll want to plan to attend next year if you can! Remember, folks come from all over the U.S.
Well Ya'll .......maybe I'll go upstairs and lazy out and crash in front of the TV for a change......After this last week, That will be a pleasure!

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