Friday, October 15

Friday, October 15, 2010... Casey Mae Is Definitely On The Mend...Us Too!

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Today was surely a case of mistaken identity, mistaken by most as simply a rainy day. I on the other hand, recognized it as the official arrival of fall 2010! In real fall fashion, the rain came...the chill in the air breathed fall in all its glory, especially after the last two mornings of frost. The leaves are falling everywhere because of the nip of the frost, but the rain and wind are the finishing punch of fall.....and soon the trees will be bare of all leaves. After that, it is but a short time before we are greeted by snow. Right now to the north of us, they are receiving wet snow. It is falling in the Adirondacks and further east, into the Berkshires then a little further north into the Green Mountains of Vermont.

We still have a lot of things to do as usual before the snow flies, but it won't surprise me if we are still saying that as the first flakes flutter to the ground here. We need to pull the pump, filter assembly and lines from the pool and install the cover plate over the skimmer to allow it to remain dry over the winter. Installing the rubber expansion plug in the eyeball socket is a very simple task, which is accomplished by removal of a small piece of the decking, the eyeball assembly and hoses. All the mentioned pool tasks will take an hour at the most. The problem is having you hand and arm under the surface of the 45 to 50 ° water to install the cover plate and eyeball socket plug. Burrrrrrrrrr!! Unfortunately, you can't do it until after the water temperature is below 50°, or you can experience algae growth. Until the water temperature drops, you must run the pump and treat the water with chlorine to stop the algae.

We will have to start installing the vinyl covers over the chicken wire windows at both barns to stop the flow of chilling air to the chickens and other animals in the barns. We have the vinyl stored in the rear shed, marked and kept with the matching wood trim boards that keep it in place all winter and on into spring. The plywood panels above the alpaca stall and sheep pen also needs to be dropped down to close off the cross ventilation system for winter. That is a quick task to complete. The screw gun, eight foot step ladder and about fifteen minutes will solve that project and installing the glass windows in the screened openings will finish that off for winter.

The hospice gift shop will probably not be finished as planned.....Not with the recent $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 spent to save Casey's life, after she developed her intestinal blockage from that corn cob. We will simply have to place the opening on hold for a bit longer until we have the additional funds to purchase the needed supplies. (Wall boards and insulation, along with the electrical inspection)
As one of our many friends recently stated......"It will happen when it is to happen...all good things occur at the right time, for the right reasons. Don't's all in God's plan."
I believe that...with all my heart and soul......

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