Thursday, October 14

Thursday, October 14, 2010...We Think Everything Is Back...Close To Normal...

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Thank God we're done with this and Casey Mae is back to normal!
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Today Casey Mae spent the entire day with the New Baltimore Animal Hospital staff as they introduced her to water and then food in varying degrees every hour, until they were sure she was able to hold it down. If she wouldn't have, they would have injected barium into her stomach and watched as it traveled through her digestive system, looking for another blockage of some kind. Thank God...she ate every hour and kept the food down and did very well all day long. We picked her up at 5:30PM, after talking to the Doctor and being re-assured that Casey Mae would probably be back to herself in record time, be ready to have the staples removed in ten days and be ripping and tearing around as usual by then.
How pleased we were with the Capital District Animal Clinic in Latham and the New Baltimore Animal Hospital near Coxsackie. Both facilities are blessed with excellent Vet's and staff who really care for the animals and their owners no matter when you arrive. We were treated with compassion for our concern about Casey Mae as they strived to inform us and comfort us as they provided zenith care for our beloved pet. They know the pain and worry an owner goes through when their pet is sick or hurt and they never forget to try to alleviate it. They are both a tremendous asset to our community!

After we came home, I finally got somewhat caught up on things needing taken care of for several days...which I could not take the time to do, with all the running around from clinic, to hospital, to home and back again all over. I replaced both blown bulbs in the front of the barn so the alpacas and sheep are in a lighted pasture all night if they are out eating hay. I also repaired the temporary electric fencing where we placed it near the rear gate from the pasture, so we could simply open the gate and let the alpacas and sheep in to the high grass area to eat. We can then simply plug the cord into the receptacle without doing anything else. Before we had to unwrap the ground wire from the poorly placed ground rod to allow the animals to pass through the gate. Now it is much easier, because I moved the rod to the other side and installed the wire permanently so it was outside the fenced area, so all you have to do is let them in and plug the fencer in.

Tomorrow, I'll help Vick cut mats and frame her artwork, getting it ready for to display it in the National Bank of Coxsackie, in Greenville for a month. She bought fancy frames, pretty matting and glass to frame her large prints for sale and exhibit. She will display them in the bank and sell matted prints at the church sale this Saturday. Vick, Lynda and Judy will do the church Christmas Sale while I stay home and babysit Casey Mae.

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