Sunday, October 24

Sunday, October 24, 2010... Early Morning Comes If The Dog Has To Go Out......

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This morning started much like any other, with the exception of being five o'clock, when Snavely Mill decided she was ready to go out to do her business. I am sometimes lucky enough to make it until eight...or even nine o'clock, before one of the five dogs determine it's time for them to limit my slumber for the night. Rarely do I ever take the dogs out and go back to bed...because I just can't seem to get back to sleep...never could, except for the period of time which I had the Lyme's Disease and I could actually sleep as soon as I got out of bed in the morning.....
Soooo, I started my morning at five o'clock what? I went to bed last evening at eight o'clock or so anyway, so I was actually ready to get up. Both Vick and I were beat after the morning at the "Market Day" disaster sale and working throughout the remaining day. I thought Vick might choose to begin a new painting, to celebrate the end of the long evenings...into night, making products and wares for the new "Two Recycled Chicks" business venture, belonging to her and Lynda. Obviously, the lack of sales at the church function yesterday, after such a regime of hard work getting ready for it was frustrating enough to preclude Vick's want and desire to start a painting. Like a whipped pup, she simply wanted to lie down and curl up in a sleep, wiping all thoughts from her mind and resting. Once her wounds are licked and on their way to recovery, I'll work with the two of them to develop an internet shopping site for "Two Re-cycled Chicks", so they can market their wares both on the internet and through Witt's End Antiques and Collectibles, which is Lynda's present business of several years, located on Newry Road, near Westerlo. I'll develop a site with shopping cart capabilities, which will allow folks to buy their merchandise on for it through Pay-Pal immediately and Vick and Lynda can simply buy shipping boxes, print USPS shipping labels off the computer and pop the packages in the mail.
They have a large array of vintage designed items which will be very popular with folks around the holidays. They have fabric pull string gift bags for wine, candles, books and even a few cushioned bags for the new IPod and the Kindle or any others look-alike eBook readers or computers and phones out there. They have fabric bookmarks, gift bags, purses and shopping bags too. There are many different peace sign and stained glass hangings which are extremely popular with young kids right now too. I will start working on their site as soon as I get their request to do so.
Today, I believe I will be working on the hospice gift shop for a bit. Things are moving on and getting better out there. Soon I will be looking at adding the wood stove so we can stand to be in there working. Seems redundant to have heat in there until we install the insulation though, so we gotta keep plugging away at things in order......
One other thing we have to do is to install the vinyl on the windows of the old chicken and duck house. Vick can handle that during the day while I plug away in the gift shop. Once that's done, we will be pretty well winterized and ready for the snow when it arrives...... Yuck..what a thought!

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