Sunday, October 31

Sunday, October 31, 2010...Things Are Moving In Rapid Fire Motion Right Now...

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We are moving at breakneck speed... such as I thought we would not ever see again, but it is happening! The electrical inspection is completed and we are ready to go pick up the wood stove accessories, fireboard, a floor plate and insulation and making the dust fly again. Soon we will have a wood stove in there and heat, which will make the remaining work of closing the walls a pleasure.

We are selling out of eggs daily, with people wanting more. Granted the chickens are...thank God...on the tail end of the molting process, so they will begin laying more eggs soon. We are still selling cheese, maple syrup and honey from the farm stand, which is boosting our farm income to help us meet the expenses.

Vick continues to sell her artwork at various functions and she is making a name for herself in the local art world. Her art is available at the following site:
My books are selling left and right also...and for those of you who email questions, I will insert a few poems in these pages to give you a feel for my style and what the book is like. Read and enjoy... if they move you, the book entitled "
Poetry from the Heart - Unpretentious Notions of a minimalistic Man", is available by clicking on the link to the left of the blog, where you see the book. You may purchase it through Pay-Pal, which is a fast and secure site. All purchases made through Pay-Pal will be sent immediately. If paying by mail, with a check, you must email me at, to arrange for payment and mailing. There will be a 10 day period for the check to clear, before shipment can take place. Either way, I believe you will be happy with your purchase.

Here is on of my poems from my book.....

From Seed of Past, Blooms the Future

We are all the forefathers of a still unborn generation to come,
for in retrospect, we now look gratefully to those who came before us,
as we consider them the pioneers of our daily lives from years ago,
likewise I suppose, they thought the same of generations before them.

It is no different those years ago, nor in the future years to come,
for tomorrows adventures will be truly yesterdays histories today,
and we will all be instrumental in the creation of all those memories,
as we simply live our lives without giving second thought of it.

We must strive to live exemplary examples of truly faithful friendships,
and in the end, what else might we pride the existence of ourselves,
for you may amass a multitude of monetary wealth and prestige,
but when our time here has ended, no amount of wealth will shine,
yet good deeds and true friendships will light the darkest of nights.

Live doing good toward another and enrich their lives by being a friend,
learn from another, that we may then pass this knowledge to all in need,
help one in need, for as a life is saved, it is destined to reflect on another,
enjoy the friendship of those near you and share life as a luxurious party,
give freely, a love you feel, for the love of another may hang in the balance.

Go forth with joy and plant seeds of happiness in the lives God created,
for as sunshine begins as a glow upon the distant horizon each morning,
so too will the growth of happiness take over the darkness in those lives,
and the happiness that blooms, so enriches the life of the gardener as well.

033598© Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC

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