Thursday, October 7

Thursday, October 07, 2010...Another Day...Another Disappointment...Friday's comin'......

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Today started like the last three....raining! The barn is soaked inside, the turkey house is soaked and the barnyard looks like a mud pit! If we don't receive a little drying soon, we'll have trouble with sickness in the bird flocks.
Being it stopped raining, and Nick, our farm hand showed up...we took off for Albany to pick up some of our four tons of wood pellets that Tractor Supply is holding for us. We prepaid in June and got a really low price which they locked in for us with a 25% down payment of the total. Today we picked up the first ton. They are now safely housed in the tractor shed and there is room for the other three ton as soon as we can get them picked up. The disappointment was that we didn't get at least, the 2nd ton today....I originally thought we could do 3 tons today, but this morning's rain spoiled that plan. There is nothing worse than wet soggy pellets!
Tomorrow is our weekly trip to Vermont for cheese and then on up to Cambridge for apples and whatever else we can find. I thought we sold all of our broilers, but I was wrong. We still have nine more birds to offer at the market this week. We have decided to start selling by the pound, charging a flat rate $4.00 per pound for them. That's a pretty good price for free range all natural Cornish X Rock broilers which are commercially cleaned and frozen.
We had the town inspector come out for the gift shop and he gave us the green light on the building. Now we need the electrical inspection performed next, but that will take a little while. I need to change a few things that I don't care for in there first.
Nick got stone all the way across the back and started around the road side. It looks great. When he comes back, we'll go for more pellets while he fits stone and do it all over again like today. He is a really great farm helper, polite and helpful with what ever you want him to do while here.
Our son and daughter-in-law are coming tomorrow evening after they get out of work. They will leave themselves in while Vick and I are at the last evening of the art class. We will do the farmer's market on Saturday and an art opening in Chatham Saturday evening, then the 22nd Annual Apple Festival at Goold's Orchard in Castleton, near Schodack, on Sunday. It will be a treat to see this fall fest and take in the antique shop there, while spending the weekend with family again. We'll take some pictures of all this to post for ya'll......

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