Wednesday, October 13

Wednesday, Oct. 13th, This Is What's Going On In Our Neck Of The Woods.......

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Ahhh yes we 1:46 at morning...just returning from Latham Animal Hospital again! Casey Mae threw up all over the bedroom about eleven O'clock last evening!
Let us stop right now and fill you in on what has been taking place for the last couple of days, so you all know before going on. We are now awaiting the commencement of her surgery to correct an intestinal soon as the Vet calls us that she has had enough fluids, because the Vet said she looked a little too dehydrated to operate after checking her gums. She also wanted to check her electrolytes and blood count before proceeding too. We saw the X-rays and the Vet showed us two spots that they saw intestinal gas, indicating a blockage, which we have been expecting because of the projectile vomiting that occurred off and on since Sunday evening, when this all started.
Here's what happened.....We came home from dinner out on Sunday evening with our company, who were visiting over the weekend and upon arriving home, we fed the dogs. Shortly after eating, Casey Mae threw up three times in the kitchen. During the night Sunday, she threw up about eight to ten times during the night, all containing dark green bile. We were extremely upset and consequently got no sleep taking care of her, worrying and watching the clock, awaiting the opening of our Vet. We loaded her into the car minutes before the scheduled opening time of our Vet, and were there at eight forty-five, to find a note on the door, saying that he was closed for the holiday. OH WOW... "A HOLIDAY"??? For a Vet???
We then took Casey Mae to the New Baltimore Animal Hospital, where they saw her and treated her for dehydration, with two liters of fluids and took X-rays... (UPDATE... It's 2:00AM and the Vet called just now...They are going in after the blockage as soon as she gets off the phone)
Anyway, back to our original story...New Baltimore kept her all day and was planning to keep her overnight...on their facility, without any staff present from five to nine the next morning, so we had them arrange to transfer her to the Latham Animal Hospital for continuous care, until the next morning. We got Casey Mae there by driving her up in the evening... (Ourselves) after New Baltimore closed and picking her back up, from Latham, this morning at seven O'clock and delivering her back to New Baltimore Animal Hospital where they monitored her all day. They introduced water sparingly every hour and since she held that down, started her on an ID diet of caned food, four times a day for the next five days, and sent her home at five this past evening.
She wasn't we hand fed her about two tablespoons of the food and a very little bit of water. Later Vick tried to give her another two tablespoonfuls of food, to give her the antibiotics, but she wouldn't take it and acted nauseated. We decided to retire and she quickly became lethargic and unresponsive toward us. If we roused her...she appeared agitated and wanted to be left alone. Another fifteen minutes later, she started trembling in her sleep and finally got up and became restless before letting go with three separate, huge, series of projectile vomiting again.
We knew it was definitely not simply a case of stomach gastritis, as our Vet thought, since she tolerated the water and food throughout the day...

WE KNEW THERE WAS A the stomach or intestines!!!!
Enter the present.... We are now in the midst of an operation... awaiting word of a successful outcome...worried to death and lacking any kind of good sleep since Saturday night..... The least of our worries right now, is that we are also somewhere around $2000.00 to $3500.00 poorer than before. (Which wasn't an issue about treatment, as she is in the most optimum facility in the state right now, with state of the art equipment and highly trained physicians and surgeons) We are just praying to God for a safe outcome to all this, with little to no intestinal or stomach damage. She threw up raw bile every time she experienced an episode of vomiting, which concerns us all with stomach ulcers or irritation of the esophagus from the bile.
Sooooooooo, now we are now an hour and five minutes into the operation and we are pacing and worrying until the phone rings. Wish us luck with our little girl...Vick is sick with worry and I am too, but need to be there for her to lean on....
Good news and sleep are desperately needed in this household.....
Now you know why we haven't been posting....or sleeping....Sorry.

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Another UPDATE.... As of 4:00 AM...Casey Mae was out of surgery after removal of a corn cob from the large intestine near the pancreas...... She is doing well and we have to pick her up by 7:00 Am, to transfer her to New Baltimore Animal Hospital again.... She will remain there, until they release her to us again..... sometime toward the end of the day.
Still no sleep for me since I would feel worse than getting an hour and fifteen minutes before leaving.... So now you know...what we're just a little better rested then we!

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